1. Eurasian breeding class

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Interracial, Hardcore, Fetish, Author: Eurasianbabymaker, Source: xHamster

    Chun Li had prepared a very special lesson for her class. Today, she was teaching sex education to a Eurasian teenage boys only class, with the aim of the class being to determine the potency of white semen when compared to it's Asian counterpart. Chun Li walked into the class wearing nothing but yoga pants and a bra. The Eurasian boys went crazy at this site."Today, I am going to show you the power of white semen, and the life it can give. I'd like to introduce you to my White stud - Charlie!"In walked a blonde muscular white man, who was not wearing any clothes. His balls were huge and they hung very low. His dick was huge and not even hard yet, but the class knew that would change once Mrs. Li got started."Now class, Charlie is a very nice guy, but when he is horny he can be very dominant and aggressive. He has abstained for three days. Remember to do what he says AT ALL TIMES".Charlie smirked as he saw the shocked look on the Eurasian boys faces."Over the next 9 months you k**s are gonna see her belly swell with my half white offspring."The boys were very turned on at this thought, seeing this young, sexy Asian woman carrying a white mans c***d, just like their mothers had once done for them.Chun Li giggled and wagged her finger calling her strong white hunk over. Charlie walked up to her, his towering frame dwarfing her. They embraced in a passionate kiss for a minute, with Chun Li running her hands over Charlie's muscular body, and Charlie grabbing Chun Li's firm ass. ... The Eurasian boys were enjoying this like nothing they had ever seen. They witnessed Charlie's cock begin to harden as Chun Li was stroking it.Charlie's cock was now at full length, and Chun Li took a moment to ogle it in all it's glory. She put his cock next to her forearm, and his cock was even longer than her forearm. Chun Li called over one of the Eurasian boys"Could you measure his cock sweetie? I'd like to know the full length of this white studs cock so I can brag about it to my Asian friends"Charlie chuckled at this remark. He loved how humiliating Chun Li was. (flashback) Chun Li had previously let Charlie fuck her in front of her ex boyfriend, Ryu. Ryu was completely dominated by Charlie, Charlie tied him down to a chair and then began pounding Chun Li in front of Ryu, making him cry. When Charlie was finished, he got up and wiped his cock on Ryu's face, which brought a smile to Chun Li.The boy went to get a tape measure and walked over to Charlie. Charlie could see the k** was quite nervous."Erm, is it ok if I touch your cock sir? it's going to be very hard to measure it without touching it" said the Eurasian teenage boy."It's ok k** I don't bite. Just ignore Chun Li's remarks earlier about me being aggressive."Chun Li smirked. She kept stroking Charlie's cock.The k** now felt at ease, and grabbed Charlie's cock to measure it. Charlie's cock twitched in the boy's hand."Miss Li, you're going to get pregnant with a cock that's over 9 inches long!" said the Eurasian ...