1. Happy New Year, Brother!

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: byHumpdee84, Source: Literotica

    Andrew had been in a car accident. It hadn't been a fender bender; it was actually pretty bad, though thankfully Andrew hadn't been seriously hurt. Well, he had serious pain all over. It was primarily muscular though a couple of ribs had suffered hairline fractures which made getting up and down quite painful and his sprained ankle made it tough to walk. He had spent two days in the hospital while the doctors made sure he had no internal injuries or more fractures. Then Andrew was sent home with strict orders to get plenty of bed rest, at least for a week or so while his body healed. They gave him a prescription for strong ibuprofen and another for oxycodone for when the pain was worse, and/or at night to help him sleep. Andrew was rarely out of bed in this time period. He even found it a bit too painful to get up to use the bathroom. If Andrew only needed to tinkle, he'd use the bottle, slide himself in, whizz then leave the bottle at the bedside. Mom had the pleasure of emptying it. If he needed to do more than tinkle, he would force himself up and into the bathroom. It was painful and not in the least fun, but the very thought of using a bedpan made Andrew cringe and gag. Andrew was just 20, a junior at Gladstone State Tech. He wasn't a bad looking kid, a bit thin though. Little to no experience with girls (a few make out sessions, twice got boob OVER the shirt, once under) and that was about it. But he was content. He knew someday a girl would come along and there would ... be chemistry between them, and he being a chemistry major, he'd know it. This line always made him chuckle, though he was avoiding too much chuckling at this particular time. At six foot 4, he was often encouraged to try out for basketball, but he felt he lacked coordination and just never did; he was content. His family in this time was very supportive and helpful to Andrew. They knew he was in a lot of pain and tried to do everything they could to help. They'd bring him food get him books make sure he had what he needed like the TV remote for instance. They even sprang for a nurse to stop by twice a week to check on him and 'clean him up'. The HMO wouldn't pay for it since he was simply on bed rest, but the family wanted Andrew as comfortable as possible. They weren't rich, but this extra money seemed very much worth it for Andrew who fully appreciated it, especially the sponge baths. The nurse was a woman of about 60 and not terribly attractive, but she was a female and was touching his junk, no matter how non-romantically it was. Andrew was very happy he didn't ever pop a boner during these sessions. It felt wonderful none-the-less, especially where he was not that experienced with girls, as previously mentioned. One day Lydia, Andrew's sister was about to pop into the room to say "HI" when she spotted through the ajar door, Ms. Blofeld the nurse cleaning up Andrew. Lydia stood in the hall and watched; praying no one else would come into the hall and see her watching. She ...