1. The Queen of Spades bar n grill (written by Bitchy

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Interracial, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: stonecoldcowboy84, Source: xHamster

    part #1 ? Now it was a Friday night after a lo...n...g.... hard week of work so my co workers and I was going to relax and have a girls night out . There were 7 or 8 of us women. We worked for the highway department. And there was only one male in the whole bunch and that was our supervisor who was getting ready to retire in a couple more years. Well, my best friend out of the whole group of women was a woman by the name of Pam. And Pam was going to ride with me on this girls night out. She just left her car at the highway department where we worked, and when she got in I said, "well, where are we going? Do you know?" Well she said " a couple of the women in the group wanted to go check out this new bar that opened a couple of months ago." "I think the name of it is the Queen of spades bar and grill or something like that." I immediately asked her " with a name like that, is it a bar where they play cards or something, why the name? " She said " I don't know all I know is its a bar and we all need to relax for a while so just go with the flow " Then she grinned at me real big with that shit eating grin that she has when she is either hot and horny or trying to get you to do something you may not really want to do . So I figured so what's with a name got to do with anything, like she said it's just a bar and we need to relax. We just followed one of the other women named Sue that knew where we was going. And after we arrived in the parking lot of the bar I looked down at my ... watch, and it was 8:00 pm and the bar was just opened,.There was a short line outside waiting to get in so this must be a good place. There was all kinds of people in line, I seen several white women, a couple with their bf's or husband's one but most was black men, We all locked up our cars and headed for the front door all in a group."And on the way to the front door I noticed a white man and I took it that it was his wife just ahead of us going in and they was walking with their arms around each other and while waiting in line to go in I noticed how they was kissing on each other like they was newly weds or something. But then when we got in the bar I noticed that the same couple had walked over to a table where a black guy sit all alone at a table for four. then as I looked on the black guy stood up holding his arms out and the white woman took her arm from around the white man and hugged and kissed the black man . And I'm talking long tongue kissing and the like , then sitting down the white woman sit down with and was all over the black man and the white man sit all alone just watching it all.Well I did find that a little out of the normal oh well to each his, or her ,own I guess." Anyway as we entered the front door I did notice that all of the women, I seen, in the bar was white women but only three or four white men in the whole place. Well, after finding a table that was big enough for the group the barmaid sit us all down and we all ordered drinks. We must have been ...