1. Acting on an Urge

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byRubberDickie, Source: Literotica

    It was one of those mornings. After a late Thursday night out on the town with no action, I awoke early the next morning incredibly horny. Thankfully, Fridays had become really slow at the office during the weeks leading up to and immediately following the holidays. As I laid there in bed contemplating my throbbing cock, I made an executive decision. I reached over and retrieved my laptop from my nightstand and logged into our HR website to report that I was sick and wouldn't be coming into the office. I hadn't taken a day off in months, so I didn't think a little personal down time would be an issue, and thankfully, it wasn't. Moments later, I received an auto-generated confirmation, so I laid my laptop aside and rolled over, thinking I might go back to sleep. In spite of my best efforts, my raging hard-on was not going to allow it. "Now what?" I wondered. Knowing I had a three-day weekend ahead only seemed to fuel my desire. I reached over and again opened my laptop. Resigned to jerking off to some hot porn scene, I immediately went to one of my favorite sites and began searching popular categories. As I continued to scroll through the various topics, I became fixated on one in particular - "Cum In Mouth". Each clip that I watched got me more and more aroused, but instead of focusing on the scenes from the man's point of view, I found myself focusing on how much the women seemed to enjoy sucking and ultimately swallowing their partner's cum. It wasn't as though I had ... never done it before. In fact, my very first live sexual encounter had been with a much older man, and during the 15 or so years since then, I have enjoyed several same-sex encounters. But like a lot of straight guys who have 'experimented' with men, my desire to perform fellatio, and in the extreme rare case, engage in anal sex, seemed to come and go in phases. On this particular morning, however; the urge was overwhelming and each scene brought back stirring memories of the times I'd allowed my mouth and throat to be used for another man's pleasure. Given that it was still a few minutes before six, I figured the only practical way to find a hook-up was to go online. Most guys, myself included, tend to prefer morning sex. It was also one of the most convenient times of the day for married men to carve out some free time. I thought I would begin my search on Craigslist and if that didn't work, I'd move on to one of the other sites that catered to closeted bi men. My preference was always to find married, masculine guys who were looking for a bj or possibly a quick fuck for the simple reasons they were less likely to want more than just a casual encounter and were more likely to be clean and disease-free. I really wasn't holding out much hope of finding someone who fit my criteria on such short notice, but, then again, it wouldn't hurt to look. Incredibly, after scanning the first few postings on CL's Casual Encounters m-4-m section, I ran across the following ad: I am a str8 ...