1. Blacked and Betrayed (chapter 2)

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    * * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 2 - Uncle Jerry's Surprise * * * * * Sally's Uncle Jerry and I were sitting at the kitchen table in his small apartment, having a private, one-on-one, man-to-man chat. This conversation was taking place the very next afternoon after my cuckold night at the hotel room with Henry and Sally. A night that had been full of shocking revelations, to say the least. A night that had left me in the mindset of making sure that I was definitely going to have the last laugh, and that I was going to do it at Sally's expense. Let's just say that I was hell-bent on hopefully giving Sally her comeuppance for everything that she had put me through (emotionally) the night before in that hotel room, with Henry witnessing everything. As for Henry--that wonderful example of a refined, bisexual black man--he had left the hotel room earlier that morning, promising me that he would return later this evening for a second go-round with me and Sally, if that was what I wanted him to do. And I had told him that I didn't need "his services" tonight, but that I still wanted him to keep in touch with me. And then I had let Sally sleep in for the rest of the day, and had snuck out, telling her that I was going to get some late lunch for both of us, and bring it back to our hotel room. Of course, I had "other plans," as I getting ready to make a beeline for Jerry's apartment. But I had one last thing to do, before I could leave that hotel room. I ... needed to find out exactly where her Uncle Jerry lived. So as Sally was drifting off to sleep, I secretly took her cell phone out of her purse, quickly dropped it into my pocket, and then headed out to the car. Once I was sitting in the car, I scoured Sally's cell phone for Uncle Jerry's address, and easily found it in her contacts list. I also looked for and found all those texted photos of Jerry's erect penis; the ones that Sally had already showed me the night before. But as I took a quick look-see through the email box on Sally's cell phone, I discovered some unexpected and shocking information that I was more than happy to put to use as further "ammunition" against Jerry, once I had arrived at his apartment for my much-needed confrontation with him, in regards to the whole "secretly fucking my wife" thing. As I sat down at the kitchen table, and began sizing up my opponent, I have to admit that I was totally unimpressed by the man that I saw in front of me. Sally's Uncle Jerry was definitely nothing to write home about. In fact, I found it hard to believe that my wife was head-over-heels "in lust" about having sex with him. Uncle Jerry was either in his late 40's, or his early-to-mid 50's. It was kind of hard to tell, because he had gone prematurely bald on top, leaving only a broken ring of silver-whitish hair around the perimeter of his large head. He was also at least 50 pounds overweight, or maybe even 60. And he had such a large protruding beer-belly on him, that I ...