1. Best Friend Carl

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: mranonymous7, Source: LushStories

    on the nose. It began draining off the end of my nose and caused it to itch like hell, but things were moving too quickly for me to react to it. The third shot splashed against my cheek and a fourth shot hit me square in the right eye. Laughing, Carl then took his cock and rubbed his cum into my face. It was a little humiliating, but I guess that it didn't gross me out too badly. He let go of my hair, so I stood up and started trying to wipe the cum out of my eyes with my fingers. "Those were some good shots,” Carl bragged, “I hope you enjoyed that." Then for the rest of the night it was like I was Carl’s possession, his slave. It was so humiliating. He made me stay naked and wouldn’t let me wash the cum off. Like all testosterone driven teenagers, he was quick on the recovery so I had to suck him off two more times before morning. I’ve often wondered why I’d sucked Carl’s cock but the answer was simple, I’m a submissive cocksucker. I was afraid to say no, because I liked to please and wanted to be accepted. When Carl pushed my face into his lap, I didn’t resist. Instead I was compliant and obedient, in a word, submissive. Whatever the reason, from that point on I became Carl’s personal secret cocksucker. He threatened to tell everyone that I was a cocksucker, so I had to do everything that that he wanted. Whether I liked it or not, I was Carl’s slut, his bitch…his cocksucker Although I tried to not to face the truth, I have a dependent personality and my sense of ... self-worth is dependent on what others think of me. People who are often only too happy to use me for his own sexual pleasures, as Carl had and would continue to do, if I allowed it, which, of course, was a foregone conclusion. Sometimes he would call my house out of the blue and tell me to come over to his house and blow him. And of course I did. Carl cruelly used and abused me to fulfill his every whim. Shortly after school started, Carl met Melinda, the girl that he eventually married. Once they were going steady she would let him get to second base and even on rare occasions, get his hand under her skirt. But, she was adamant about being a virgin bride so a quick feel was as close as he ever got. That’s where I came in. On the way home from their traditional Saturday night date, Carl would swing by my house so I could suck his cock for him. I have no idea how many times I blew him during our senior year. The next summer, Melinda’s cousin spent a couple of weeks with her. Melinda couldn’t go out with Carl without taking her cousin along. So not to make her feel like a fifth-wheel, I was drafted as her date. She was kind of shy but sweet, so I didn’t mind. We went to the drive-in and in typical teenage fashion, instead of watching the movie; we had a hot make out session. Things got so hot that later into the movie when the girls went to the restroom, Carl made me jump up in the front seat and give him a quick blow job to cool him off. Melinda had been playing with him, so his cock ...