1. Best Friend Carl

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: mranonymous7, Source: LushStories

    was already out and hard. She had him so worked up that as soon as I closed my lips around it; he went off like a volcano. When his cock erupted, the first blast hit the back of my throat and slid down my throat like a salty raw oyster. Knowing what was expected and wanting to please, I swallowed his entire load and sucked hard on his shrinking cock, drawing every last drop from his spent tool. I almost got caught. Carl was so caught up in emptying his balls down my throat that he forgot to keep his eye out for the girls. Fortunately, it was dark enough that they didn’t see me rising back up as they came giggling up to the car. I couldn’t help chuckling to myself when I heard Melinda cooing in sympathy when she discovered that Carl’s little solider had shrunk. Giggling, she promised to bring him back to life. I guess she succeeded because after we dropped the girls off he made me lean over and suck his cock again while we were stopped at a red light. While we were stopped a carload of guys from the other high school stopped beside us. It was dark enough that they couldn’t tell I was a boy, so thinking that Carl was getting lucky on a date they cheered and whistled for him. I must have sucked Carl off every way and everywhere possible. Besides the drive-in and on the road, I sucked him off at the lake, in convinces store bathrooms, the back row of a darkened movie theaters, his grandparents bathroom, you name it. . On Saturday nights he still swung by after a date with Melinda ... for his blowjob. This went on all summer until Carl eventually went off to college. Since then I’ve always been a secret cocksucker throughout my life and I'm fifty-one now. It still excites me knowing that society frowns on it, yet I continue to do it. I love sucking off ‘strangers,’ in parks, rest stops on the interstate and adult bookstores. , When I was nineteen our preacher had a heart attack. The association sent a young preacher fresh out of the seminary to fill in for him while he was ill. After the service he told me he needed some help and asked me to drop by his office on Monday. Turns out the help he needed was getting his cock sucked. I blew him the first of many times there in his office while the choir was out in the auditorium practicing. I don’t think he could have preached a sermon unless I blew him first. That was back when the church was busier, two services on Sunday, Wednesday night services and men’s fellowship on Thursday night, so I blew him a lot. It went on for six weeks until the regular preacher came back. Once I turned twenty-one and discovered adult bookstore, I went cock crazy. I practically lived in the adult bookstore in the next town. The one I frequented featured individual viewing booths and glory holes. Its neighbor down the block had a movie theater in the back of the store. The open theater was for the bolder types and the viewing booths were for more private anonymous encounters. When I started going I was naïve and shy so I op-ed for ...