1. Best Friend Carl

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: mranonymous7, Source: LushStories

    the privacy of the viewing booths. The first time I went there I couldn’t believe how dark and sleazy the booths were or how bad they reeked of testosterone, sweat, and even a little fear. I suppose the taboo aspect had something to do with it, but being down on my knees in a dark booth sucking a stranger’s cock through a ‘glory-hole’ and swallowing his load was exciting. So exciting that one visit was all it took, I was hooked. After that, I was there every Saturday and Sunday, morning, noon, and night. Surprisingly, Sunday morning during church was a good time to suck cock. I was amazing how many guys snuck by to get their cock sucked while their wife and kids were in church. I was so cock crazy that I sucked every cock, that I could get my mouth. A few months later a guy in the next booth ran out of tokens right in the middle of getting his cock sucked. Instead of going and getting more tokens, he gave me a half price coupon and told me that if I’d meet him in the movie theater in the back of the store that he’d let me finish him off. I'd never been there before and was curious about the place. Since things were a little slow that night, when I ran out of tokens I decided to take him up on his offer. Even though I was a frequent visitor to the viewing booths, I’d never been down the street in the movie theater which was located in the back of the store. I was still extremely naïve back in those days and it embarrassed me to be seen buying tokens so I’d always tried to ... buy them when there was no one else at the counter but the clerk. The entrance to the viewing booth area was only a couple of steps from the counter so it was easy to buy the tokens and in two steps fade behind the curtain and no one notice. The movie theater on the other hand was located in the rear of the store. After buying a ticket you had to run the gauntlet in plain sight of all the customers to get to the back and enter. You can’t imagine how embarrassed I was to buy a ticket and entering the theater. As I moved down the darkened aisle trying to find a seat, I felt like everyone in the theater was looking at me and knew that I was a ’homosexual’ and that I was there to suck cocks. When I sat down, I looked behind me and saw a guy playing with his exposed cock. When he caught me looking at him I was so embarrassed that I scrunched down in my seat so no one could see me. In a few minutes I felt someone sit down beside me. Without turning my head I glanced out of the corner of my eyes and saw it was the guy from the viewing booth that I’d been blowing. As I sat there staring at the screen, he reached over, un-zipped my pants, took my cock out, and started stroking it. Instead of me sucking him off, he jacked me off. This was really strange for me because up to this point I’d always been the active one and no guy had ever touched me. After he made me cum, I looked around and discovered we had an audience. Several guys had moved over and were watching him jack me off. With a ...