1. Best Friend Carl

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Gay Author: mranonymous7, Source: LushStories

    my mouth After I’d finished swallowing his salty cum, he held me against his crotch so I kept right on sucking him for a while. He laughingly called me a ‘little cum slut’ and a cocksucker as he wrapped his fingers in my hair and guided my mouth up and down on his shaft. Almost before I could get mouth off him again, he made me stop sucking and get up on my hands and knees. As I knelt there I felt him pull off my panties and smear lubricate around and into my ass hole. I quivered with fear when I felt the head of his big cock pressed against my virgin asshole. Afraid of the pain when a cock that big pierced my ass, I tried to relax my sphincter. I needn’t have worried though. Except for the initial thrust there was no pain. Three of four strokes later, I could feel his balls flopping against my naked butt. I didn’t think it could be possible it to feel any better, when I felt the palm of his hand …smack… pop against the cheeks of my naked butt. It stung with a combination of pain and bittersweet pleasure. I moaned with pleasure as his cock pumped in and out of my ass hole, and his palm …smack… continued to crash …smack… against my tingling …smack… butt cheeks. It was long until I felt him tense up as he cummed. After I removed his condom, I washed off the preachers limp cock with a damp washcloth. Once I had him squeaky, clean I went back down on him and ...
     sucked him hard again. I would have sucked until he cummed in my mouth again but he had other ideas. As soon as I had him good and hard again, the preacher flipped me over on my face and made me spread my legs. Spreading my butt cheeks, he rammed his cock balls deep in my quivering ass again. As he pounded my ass he roughly grabbed my hair and yanked my face up so that the Brian could get his cock into my mouth. It was fantastic. As Brian held my face and rammed his cock in and out of my mouth, my preacher hung on to my butt cheeks and pounded my tight ass. It wasn’t long until we were all three cumming, Brian in my mouth, my preacher in my ass and me all over the bed. After we rested and they both fucked my mouth again and I swallowed both their loads I was too spent to continue. My ass tingled with pleasure as I dressed and stumbled out to my car for the drive home. That was five years ago. Since then about once a month the preacher asks me if I could drop by the church and help him out with something. That something is always a blowjob. I suppose it’s amazing, but I’m now in my fifty’s with a wife and two kids in college and even though I still suck cocks ever chance I get, no one knows about it. No one that is but guys that frequent the adult bookstore themselves. And that doesn’t count because what happens in an adult bookstore stays in the adult bookstore.