1. Oh Mom

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: sonny8023, Source: xHamster

    boobs would attract them more, but it's not.""Maybe they're just intimidated by how great you look," I said."That could be it. I'm sure I'll be dating again in no time."After we finished dinner, I left to see Amber. I hadn't had sex in three months and wanted her badly. Unfortunately things didn't turn out the way I wanted. When I got to her place there was another guy there with her. She wanted to wait to tell me the next day that she met someone else from her own school. I spent three months turning down hot sorority babes to save myself for her and she was banging some other guy this whole time. FUCK! I didn't really care about her seeing someone else, I knew it wasn't going to last between us. It was mostly wild sex that kept us together this long.After I left Amber's place I went straight to the nearest strip club and spent the night getting a few lap dances. Afterwards I went home to jerk off. On my way to my room I ran into my mother who just came out of her bedroom in her underwear. It was your standard white underwear, I've seen her in her bra and panties by accident plenty of times, but this time her bra showed off a large amount of cleavage that I could not help but to stare at."OOPS!" she said laughing as she ran back into her bedroom. "Sorry", she yelled from her room. "Thought you wouldn't be home just yet.""That's ok, "I assured her.I went to my room and locked the door. I dropped my pants and underwear and sat down in my desk chair. I began jerking off, ... thinking about those strippers I was just with. I was particularly thinking of the blonde stripper with big tits.When I was getting to the pinnacle of my masturbation, the image suddenly changed... to my mother. I wasn't justimagining her naked, I was imagining having sex with her and sucking on her new big tits. I actually thought about stopping, but I was right at the edge and eventually shot an entire load of cum into some tissues I had ready. Afterwards when I settled down I felt enormously guilty for what I had just done, but at the same time very much satisfied.The next morning I came downstairs to have breakfast with mom, we did not mention about me accidentally seeing her in her underwear. It has happened so many times over the years we just learned to let it go when it happens. But this time I couldn't let it go, I kept thinking of her in her underwear and how I jerked off to the idea of fucking her last night. Later she left to go to work and I went upstairs to take a shower. I was planning to jerk off in there but swore to myself that I would think of somebody else. I stripped off my clothes and went to put in the hamper where I saw on top mom's bra and panties from last night. I picked up the bra and looked at it. I found the tag on it that said it was for 36D cups. I instinctively brought it up to my face and gave it a big whiff. "Fuck it" I thought to myself. I went to the shower and jerked off to my mother again. I imagined fucking her in every possible position that ...