1. Oh Mom

    Date: 4/15/2018, Categories: Mature / Older, First Time, Incest / Taboo, Author: sonny8023, Source: xHamster

    I could think of. My dick had never felt so hard before, it was like stroking a lead pipe. I finished up about 20 and I didn't feel the least bit guilty this time. In fact, it was so amazing that I decided that there was no harm in continuing to do so.Over the next month whenever I got the chance I would try to get a peek at my mom's new tits without staring, would try to instigate an "accidental" look at her in her underwear, sniff her bras and panties. I even found an excuse to take a few photos of her when she was wearing something particularly sexy. When she went out with her friends for the weekend and came back with photos, I snuck a few of her bikini ones away and made copies of them on my computer.I tried not to only think about her. I went to strip clubs; I met other girls at nightclubs and local parties also met some girls in bikinis when they came to my workplace from the beach. I didn't sleep with any of them, but I had a few great blow jobs out of some of them. But no matter how much I tried not to think about it, my mind was always on my mother. I found myself hitting on older blondes on the beach and I even found a stripper at one club who kind of looked like my mother and got regular lap dances from her.It all finally changed one night when I was in my room watching TV when my mother walked in and sat down on the edge of my bed."She was wearing a black skirt and a white blouse that was see thru enough to get the outline of her bra."Come sit next to me, ... Avery," she said. "We need to have a talk.""Photos http://cpmlink.net/OVUHAA"I sat down next to her and looked at her."What is it mom?""We're both going through a situation, and I think I found a solution to both our problems.""What's that?""Well, let's start with talking about your problem on how you've been looking at my breasts this past month."I was speechless. I was trying to come up with a good lie to tell her but my long silence only made it worse that it wouldn't matter what I would've came up with."It's ok," she said. "I am actually kind of flattered by it in a very strange way. Even with what you've been doing behind closed doors.""You've known this whole time?" I asked nervously."Not the whole time, but after catching you a few times looking at them and the many times that you 'accidentally' walked in on me in my underwear, and then you disappearing into your bedroom or shower soon afterwards, I eventually saw the pattern."Again I was speechless. Even though she said she was ok with it, I still felt very much ashamed and embarrassed."Oh, jeez, mom, I am so sorry. I don't know what came over me.""I told you its ok," she assured me. "That brings up my problem now. My new breasts aren't getting me as much male attention, besides you that is, as I hoped they would and I really need to know a guy's opinion of them. So, to satisfy your curiosity and my own, I would like for you to look and feel my breasts."Again, speechless."Should I take your silence to mean a yes?""Yes," I ...