1. Mother's Desires Fulfilled!

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: First Time, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: deniadaniya10, Source: xHamster

    It was just like any other day and I was at football practice after school, while I was getting ready to make a play on the ball I was hit from behind and landed on my right arm. I knew it was bad when I heard a popping sound as I turned around half team was standing above me and looking down on me. As I was helped out the field coach called my parents to let them know what happened and that they were taking me to the local hospital. The only think good that came out of this was that season was not starting for another 4 months and the doctor said I would be fine in 2 months giving me lots of time to catch up. As I sat up and watched the nurse put the cast on my arm she told me that I would not be able to take this off for 2 months and since it was my right arm I would have adjust to every day life without it. I was not happy about it and was pissed at myself for letting this happened. Suddenly my mom burst through the doors and came straight to me and asked me how I was doing and that she was here to take me home. It seems like mom was at the gym at the time when she received the call because she was still wearing her shorts and shorts bra at the time. I didn’t think much of it, but the drive home was crazy for me as I could not take my eyes off her legs. I was getting a raging hard on and I was not able to hide it since my right arm was in a cast so I just tired to relax and not stare at her legs. We pulled over in the driveway and noticed that dad was not home yet and as ... we were getting out of the car moms’ cell phone rang. Dad was on the other line and he asked mom how I was doing and then he told her that he would be late coming home tonight as he is stuck in a meeting. Mom was not happy about this as she said that at least he would care about you and come home early knowing that I would need his help. I thought to myself for a few seconds and then asked mom why would I need dads help? Mom answered saying that I would need to shower and get dressed for bed but I guess I would need to help you. Now I have no problem with my mom helping me but I was 16 years old and I was so horny already staring at the legs that I didn’t know what I would do if she touched me. Mom followed me right into the bathroom and helped me undress and turn the shower head on, it was a little weird since the last time my mom saw me naked was like 7 years ago or so. She looked me over once and then again and I knew that she was staring at my cock because it was throbbing and still growing longer and harder. I know that this was my mom but at that moment she was too hot for me to care and the truth is that she knew that I was getting horny of her and she was letting me. Mom suddenly closed the door and got in the shower and turned the shower head on and started to wash my back. I moved a little when she touched me and mom said not to worry that it is okay she understands that I am young and seeing a women body is not helping that is why she was still wearing her clothes. ...