1. Mother's Desires Fulfilled!

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: First Time, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: deniadaniya10, Source: xHamster

    involved in work and not his family, while mom was telling dad this I was so scared that dad would hit me or something because I could see that his mind was changing as he heard mom tell him everything. With a hard voice he told me to go upstairs and sleep and that he would talk to me later. As I was walking upstairs I heard something slam on the table and I thought dad was hitting mom so I went to the kitchen and as I just turned the corner I was frozen in my tracks from what I saw. Dad had bent mom on the table and raised her dress to her waist pulling her panties to the floor and was ramming her pussy like there was not tomorrow. As he was doing this he was slapping her ass hard and saying that she was a dirty whore for letting her son cum in her hands and that she needed punishment. With this he pulled out of her pussy and without warning rammed his cock in her ass and mom let out a load moan of pain and pleasure. I felt myself get so hard that I kept watching them fucking and then slowly walked away to my room to jack off and sleep. We were a normal family and now it was a little different as what happened with mom and I changed dad’s outlook on his career and he started to spend more time at home. He never did have that talk with me and we went along as nothing happened. Like it was all a dream but it was not because I was still not getting over watching mom get banged that night and her holding on to my cock as I cummed in her hands. I guess all this was helping ... everyone, because mom and dad’s sex life was getting back in action and my girlfriend and I were trying different things that we both were enjoying. My arm was good enough for me to return to football and everything was going fine for everyone and this went on for 5 months now that we never talked about that day. I truth was that yes I wanted to fuck my mom but I knew it was wrong so I never really gave it another thought. My sex life with my girlfriend was great and at 16 we were having some great sex. We all seemed to be happy and enjoying life and dads’ career was taking off and mom was doing well herself with Avon business. She had become the highest selling sales person and just 6 months and we decided to hold a little BBQ for family and friends. It was normal as anything as we all were there in the backyard swimming and eating and drinking, meeting people we have not seen for a while. My girlfriend and I sneaked up to my room to get some action. After we were done I got up and walked to the window as she was putting on her bathing suit and I saw my mom by the pool. She was wearing a white two piece bathing suit and looked so hot that I got a hard on right away. I turned to my girlfriend and she was bending over to pick up her bottoms and without anything said to her I rammed my cock in her pussy and started to fuck her again. She was shocked by this but at the same time she was enjoying my cock in her and as she moaned with pleasure I kept fucking her thinking it was my moms’ ...