1. Mother's Desires Fulfilled!

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: First Time, Mature / Older, Incest / Taboo, Author: deniadaniya10, Source: xHamster

    pussy I was fucking. We got dressed and she gave me this look of what has gotten into you, we walked downstairs and you could notice a little limp as my girlfriend walked since I really fucked her good. The day passed by and went into the night and dad was drinking with his brothers while the ladies were in the living room chatting. I drove my girlfriend home and when I arrived back to my house I walked through the back door and decided that I would hit the sack. I could hear them still talking and drinking but I didn’t mind as it was not always we had parties like this and mom and dad both enjoyed themselves. I was passed out when I was woken by noising coming for downstairs. It was dad and mom and they were fighting, I got up and walked closer to the door and stopped because they had come upstairs and I could hear everything. Mom was yelling at dad about how much he d***k and dad was yelling at mom about her bathing suit and how she was showing off to all the men. Well I thought to myself that they are both d***k and it would clear up in the morning so I head to bed but the yelling kept going on. Dad was so mad that out of nowhere he told mom that she was a whore for thinking about her son sexually and wanted to fuck him. Hearing this I almost fell off the bed, but I started to hear more and mom came back saying that we talked about this and it was over with it was a mistake and I said I was sorry it was just a thing. Dad kept going on and mom couldn’t take it any long ... and told dad to leave and come back when he thinking straight. As he walked away he told mom that yeah you would want to me leave so you can fuck your son, you whore go fuck your son and see if he pleases your desires. With this I heard the front door close and mom coming upstairs. I turned around and pretend to be a sleep when mom opened my door and she walked to my bed and stood there looking at me and she tired to walk away but something changed her mind. She woke me up and I pretend to be sleeping and I turned around slowly lying on my back. My mom without a word just climbed on my bed and sat over me, I could feel her warm pussy on my cock. I asked her what was wrong and if she was okay and I could tell she was crying but than looked at me and told me to fuck her. Fuck her like the whore her husband thinks she is, saying this she took off her top and then bent forward to kiss me. I had a millions thoughts going through my head now but I didn’t care, I was going to fuck my mom tonight and I would enjoy every moment of it. With this I returned her kisses and then I put my hands on her bra and undid it letting lose her amazing breast. I cupped them and started to suck them like I was a little baby again. Within moments we both were naked and sitting looking at each other on my bed and my mom said God forgive me and with this she jumped on me. We were going at it for a few minutes and then she slid down a little and my cock went right up her pussy. Feeling my cock in her she ...