1. Sex and Arguments - They Compliment Each Other

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    I have been married 4 times in my life. The thing about that is it has only been to two women. Yes, two women. I married my first wife three times in 12 years. Now your thinking I'm either crazy or dumb. I was young and wanted my marriage with the mother of my kids to work out. It did not and I married my current wife and all has been good. My current wife does enjoy this story and has used this sometimes to push herself over the edge. I hope you find it hot and satisfying. ----------------------------------------- So, she was mad and I was mad and we were both mad. We had words and I wanted to give her a chance to cool down so I called my Dad and ask if I could come bunk in the spare room till we sorted this out. He said yes of course. This would add 25 miles to my drive back and forth but it seemed worth it to stop the arguing. She and I talked on the phone for a few days. We were not yelling at each other but I was not ready to come home because it did not seem settled. This was the month of August. Long summer days. Pop and I would go fishing sometimes when I got to the house and I was enjoying this time with him. This might have been a contributing reason I was prolonging going back home. I was hoping on this day that he was planning a fishing trip out this evening as well. I arrived at the house at about 5:30. The daylight would last until 8pm or later. It was still nice and warm and seemed like the sun was still high in the sky. I did not see Pops laying out fishing ... gear. Bummer. Maybe he will. I sat down in the chair on the front porch. About 10 minutes later someone was pulling down the driveway. I saw it was my wifes car. "Oh no, what fresh hell is this?" I wondered. She got out of the car and came up on the porch and sat down in the chair across from me. I looked over and asked "What are you doing out here?". She said "I just came out to talk and see if we can end this. The girls are asking when you are coming home. I don't know what to tell them." I hung my head and thought. I had my hand on my eyes and looked slightly up, I noticed I could see her panties under her skirt. At the time, Denise was a nicely shaped proportionate woman with a J-LO ass and full 36C breasts. I still found her sexy even if she could infuriate the piss out of me sometimes. Now I kept trying to look at her panties while still trying to stay mad or seem mad about what was the on-going argument. It was hard with the growing problem at my crotch. I will be honest and this honesty comes from what I have been told. My cock is about 5 to 6 inches long but I seem to be blessed with a nice thick girth that again, I have been told is nice and filling. I say it like this because like all men, I have over-compared my male member to those on videos and have this vision that every woman wants 8 or 9 inches or longer and as thick as a beer can. For me, I have been told by the women I have been with that they have been pleasantly pleased with my thick girth. Hoorah for me. ...