1. Sex and Arguments - They Compliment Each Other

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    Semper Fi. Back to the story. I was now shifting as I imagined pulling those panties down. Denise did not wear thongs. She liked good regular panties. When I met her, she wore granny panties but I suggested she wear a more hip hugging younger style and save the granny panties for much later years. She was just turning 30. I'm glad I did because these were much more pleasing to the eye, especially peaking out at me. And as I continued to peek out from under my hand, she was oblivious that she was giving me this view. Which made this that much sweeter. I remember them so very well. They were a flower print with a light pinkish background. I had helped her pick them out a few months earlier. We had bought 6 pair. Buy 2 and get one free. So we bought two sets. I was quite pleased she had let me help her pick them out. They were the high rise hip huggers and I could see they were exposing a lot of her side hip and hugging her mound tight. Hey, is that a camel toe? Why yes it is. Now I was beginning to feel very conscious of my cock straining against my jeans. It was very distracting and I wanted to shift it to be straight but that would be too obvious and even though she is my wife, I was trying to make a point about the damn argument. I was right and this was important. I was making a stand. She stood up and I lost my view. I thought she was going to leave. I had not really concentrated on what she had been saying the whole time because I was concentrating on looking at her ... covered pussy. Damn, how long had it been. I had jerked off a couple of times the last few days but how long had it been since I had been in her pussy. A couple of weeks. Yeah, that was it. A couple of weeks. "What? Are you leaving?" I said "Did you not listen to me? Typical. I said - Why don't we go somewhere and talk? I don't want to sit here and have your dad or mum over-hear." She shot back. "Okay. Sure. We need to get this settled.". By now my mind was back in focus and my cock was relaxing back to semi-soft. I'm going to win this one and we can get back on track. AND my dad had already been saying "Son, you need to get this done and get back with your family." That was ringing in my head too. So I thought, lets go get this settled if possible, as long as I win the argument. We got into her car and drove down the road. She turned up another road to a field she knew I would dove hunt in sometimes. This year they had planted it with hay. We started talking. It was low key and I was maintaining my temper and demeanor. She was beginning to understand why I was so... so frustrated. But she was not going to make it easy. She opened her car door and got out. Now I was gonna have to chase her. Part of her normal procedure. She wants to know I will come after her. She walked to the front of the car. I got out and followed. We talked some more and I noticed she was looking across the field. I looked over and saw there were two 20 something year old guys bailing hay. She seemed to be ...