1. Sex and Arguments - They Compliment Each Other

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    enjoying her view and was relaxed. I bent down to pick up a rock and swore I could smell sex. It hit my nostrils and I was getting the idea she was aroused. It was a good smell that I recognized. Hmmm... I wonder .... I stood up and looked at her. I asked her "Are you fantasizing about those guys over there?". She looked at me with pursed lips and said "NO. That would not be right." I said "Hey, if you are, I don't mind." And thinking to myself the smell of your pussy juice says otherwise. She turned away from me as if offended. I could tell she was still trying to watch them out the corner of her eye. I'm not sure if this was for my benefit or really one of them had caught her eye. They were good looking guys. It was like a movie, you could see the sweat reflecting the sunlight off their arms, biceps, and face as it hit them. I pushed forward. I really didn't mind if she was and now I was intrigued. We had talked about other men fucking her with me or while I watched. I knew this fantasy turned her on. I asked which one looked better. She surprised me and answered "the one on the right". She turned and stared at him. She knew I was aware now and it was not bothering me so why not get her eye full. We leaned on the hood a couple of minutes while watching them. I ask "Have you pictured his cock yet?". She sheepishly said yes. I KNEW IT. I FUCKING KNEW IT. Awesome. She's finally cutting loose of some inner inhibition. I was going to take advantage of this. How? I did not ... know but she seemed very into this situation. I at least knew I would make sure her pussy would be aching and begging. Just not sure if I was going to give it to her. I really was trying to convince myself I would let her suffer with an aching pussy. One thing I am is a patient and attentive lover. I don't mind the foreplay or how long it last. I came up behind her while she had a hand on the hood of the car. She was standing but propped on that one extended arm on the hood of the car. I did not lean into her or touch her. I just wanted her to know my presence was there. I asked what she would do with him if he was available to her. She was shy about it at first but I knew the sound of her feeling horny too. It is a sound in her voice like she is drifting away in her conversation. She was at this stage. I said "Hey, it's okay. It's perfectly natural to have thoughts about good looking people and even fantasize about them. You know me. I don't mind at all. I would like to hear it if you want to talk about it. Make it more real." She started slowly telling me that she could see him kissing her neck EVER so slowly. Tickling her earlobes with his tongue. She always loved her neck being kissed and was one of her regular requests to me. I ask her to just keep that thought and picture him kissing her neck. "Let him just stay on your neck. Lift your hair and kiss the back of your neck and down to your shoulders. Picture it Denise. Just picture it." I could tell she was getting into a ...