1. Sex and Arguments - They Compliment Each Other

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    fantasy now. I lightly, ever so gently, petted her side. The small of her back. The under side of her arm. All the areas I knew from experience she found stimulating. She was responding. She tried to lean back into me but I wouldn't let her. I kept telling her to watch them. She again tried to lean back. I gently pushed her forward and said "Just keep him in your mind. Let him take you. You want his cock don't you?" "Uh Huh" she softly groaned "What else? What more do you want from him? And if you want both of them, SAY IT!". She tried leaning back again. This time she reached back to grab at my crotch. I was not letting her off that easy. "Say what you want. It's okay. You know what it is". I gently prodded her to continue. This was fucking hot. Hotter than I can ever remember with her and we have had some good fucks. She replied "So, you want to hear it?" "Yes but only if it's the truth. I want to hear your desires. Would you suck him?" "Oh yes. I would suck him. I would lick him and suck him and stroke him." She admitted. "Go on. This is great." I whispered "I would lay on his chest and then let him take me any way he wanted. That would be it." she ended. I said "No, I don't think that would be it. You would just take all that and just be done?" Her "No, but it's weird saying it to you." She responded Me "Who would you say it to? Another woman." Her "Probably." Me "Okay. I know you want him so just let that go and share it with me. Please." Her "Okay but you can't hold ... this against me." Me "No problem. Just let go." She leaned her head back and continued. "I would let him feel anywhere on me he wanted. I would let him kiss anywhere on me he wanted. I would suck his dick until he came and then keep sucking it till he was up again." FUCK ME! My cock was trying to grow larger than it ever had. It was hurting because it was straining at my skin so hard. This is so fucking awesome I thought. And a big milestone for her actually saying it out loud. She then said "Oh shit. I would even let him finger my asshole. I really would. That doesn't make you mad does it?" I said "No. It doesn't. I've always told you you have a fuckable ass. I don't mind at all." She had let me play with her asshole on rare occasions. I could rub the outer hole every now and then but when I tried pushing a finger in, Nope. Deal breaker. So she knew this might upset me. FUCK NO. I found it encouraging she would even entertain the idea with anyone. If he was it, Fucking A buddy, come and let me see how she likes it. "Yeah. I would let him finger me where ever he wanted." She was wearing a blue jean skirt. I ever so gently reached below her skirt and touched the inside of her leg from the back and SLOWLLLLLLLLLLY brought it up her leg. I reached just below her ass cheek and then started a slow travel back down. I know she wanted pressure on her mound but I was enjoying her mood too much. I wanted more. I wanted to hear MORE. She tried to move a bit to push my hand onto her ...