1. Sex and Arguments - They Compliment Each Other

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    laughed and said "Not at all". They were looking at Denise and then looked on the hood of the car at her obviously soaked panties laying there. They smiled a shit eating grin. She realize what they were looking at and she was trying to find her words. They laughed and said "That was a good show. Thank You." She smiled and was now looking up at them, her shyness passing. I whispered in her ear "No reason to be shy, they just saw everything you had and how you like it. Might as well own it." She said "I'm ... I'm glad we didn't bother you." Her big cock guy laughed and said "Bother? Not at all." I said "Thanks for helping her have some fun". They cracked up. "Yep. That looked like fun." they both said. The said they had to get back to work and started shaking our hands. I reached under her skirt as she was shaking her fantasy guys hand and stroked her pussy. She let out a gasp and sigh. He just said "My pleasure". They turned and walked away. She turned around and kissed me HARD. And whispered in my ear "This is not over!" I moved back home that night.