1. Seat 23E

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Lesbian, Author: leggielibby, Source: LushStories

    eyes never leaving the mirror I slipped off the pillow and watched my reflection slowly slip the brush handle into my pussy. Watched as I knelt with legs parted and thrust the thick rubber handle deep into my aching self, watched as the top few bristles caught my clit, watched as I shuddered and screamed in the ecstasy of pleasure. ooOOoo Mid-morning after a breakfast of fresh fruit and a long shower I headed down poolside eager for a swim. I had my phone set for music and a cheap airport paperback and quickly found a lounger in a good spot. Having set myself up, I slipped into the pool and did a few slow lengths just letting the sun warmed water caress my body. I have to say with some immodesty that I looked good, my new swimsuit was worth every penny I had spent on it and believe me it was quite a few pennies. A one piece, it clung to my figure like a glove, cut low between the breasts, and with a high cut thong bottom, it highlighted all I had to offer while just remaining on the right side of decent. Earbuds in I must have dozed a little when I was awoken by movement near me. Looking up I found myself looking into Penny’s liquid brown eyes “Is this lounger taken,” she asked Smiling back, I told her she was welcome to it “I know you, your face is familiar,” she said as she spread her towel and deposited her beach bag. I could feel myself grinning like a fool, all because she remembered me “You’re 23E”, she added laughing “Or Jenny to my friends,” I laughed back, “And you ... are Penny who rescued me from economy.” Penny had settled onto her lounger, slim-limbed and tanned she looked gorgeous. Her bikini was so unbelievably sexy, sea green in a crochet material it clung to her curves and complimented her colour. The morning raced by soon replaced by early afternoon. We were like old friends, laughing and chatting as we swam and sunned ourselves. I have to admit to being spellbound, I could not take my eyes off her. When she moved, she did so with a feline grace. Soon it was approaching five o clock and a late afternoon breeze had started to stir the palm trees. “I think it’s time to call it a day,” I offered and started to gather my book and bits together Penny looked up from her bed as I stood, “Do you want to eat together tonight.” Heart thumping I looked down at this stunning woman and replied, “Yes I would love to.” “Where do you want to go,” she was looking intently at me as if she could read my mind “I’m not sure what I fancy,” I mumbled back “How about now,” Penny had hooked a finger into the side of her bikini and pulled it to one side revealing her full, smooth lips “Oh, fuck yes.” Laughing she just smoothed the cloth back and said, “Lobby seven o clock.” ooOOoo We met in the lobby at seven, I was in my shortest mini skirt which really accentuated my long legs and a loose peasant blouse that allowed my unfettered breasts room to breathe in the hot evening air. I teamed this up with heeled pumps and a gauzy micro thong, just in case the ...