1. She never expected this, but i did it.

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Straight Sex, Author: TonyZipper, Source: LushStories

    She came over to my apartment one day as she often did, usually on my days off. I made us a nice breakfast that morning. She always loved when I made her breakfast, and I think I loved making it for her even more. So, after eating, we ended up on the sofa and put on Netflix. She must have been wet already in anticipation because she wanted to spoon. So, we put the cushions on the floor, lying down on my side, she lies down in front of me, and it did not take long at all for my cock to get hard once her ass was pressed up against it. She loved it, loved having that power over me, she ate that shit up. So she pressed her ass harder against my cock as my arm was wrapped around her, her perfect breasts in my hand. I could feel her nipples bulging out of her bra. She was soaking wet, and she had complete confidence in me that I would always satisfy her. And this morning was no different, I fully intended to take care of this magnificent creature pressing up against my cock. I fully intended to satisfy her insatiable sexual appetite. Soon her hand reached for my cock, stroking it through my pants, and I can hear she's already starting to breathe heavy. She stood up, turned around to face me, and started to take off her clothes. She was hungry, I was going to feed her. She had such beautiful breasts. She had some work done on them years ago and they were just magnificent. Beautiful nipples, perfect form. They were just spectacular. After kissing me passionatel, she began to take ... off my pants. A few moments later her mouth was wrapped tightly around my hardened cock. It was so exciting to see her enthusiasm and willingness to devour it. Pants off now, I lean back on the sofa with my legs spread apart as her mouth slides up and down on my shaft, and with great determination. Her face was so beautiful; as she looked up at me, she was the most beautiful sight my eyes have ever gazed upon. Truly. It was so easy to see how much she loved blowing me. Her eyes are squinting, eyebrows raised, moaning loudly... she loved it. I think she loved it even more than I loved it. This was her cock and she knew it. She claimed it for herself, and I was only too happy to oblige. This went on for a little while, then she got up, grabbed me by my cock the same way you would grab someone by their hand, and she walked me into the bedroom. Once in the bedroom, she knew exactly what I was about to do to her. It's what I always did to her, and she was about to have it once more. I sat her at the edge of the bed, then I made her lean back and lay flat. We begin to kiss. Her kisses were so tender and so passionate, and our tongues danced as she lay there on my bed. She slid her tongue across my top lip, then along my bottom lip, just before softly biting it. It was surreal. Slowly I work my way down, dragging my tongue between her breasts. Getting ever closer to her nipples... her breathing much heavier now, and I can literally feel her heart starting to race. As I mentioned, her ...