1. DJ Pt. 18B

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Gay, Author: byo2byoung, Source: Literotica

    Coming up in Part 18B Jamie finds himself in a dilemma Joe and Doug are on a Gay Cruise Granny finds a senior home she likes Randy and Daryl plan a housewarming party (From the tail end of Part 18A) Jamie is in deep thought, continuing to caress Bryan. He's having some disturbing thoughts he never expected to have. It's even crossed his mind to wonder what it might be like to have sex with Bryan, something he's never considered about any other guy. Why is he thinking like this? He's suddenly feeling like he is in a gay Payton Place, he's finding himself attracted to Bryan, way too much attracted. Bryan is an attractive young man, and possesses a charming personality, has a bundle of problems with his family, and, supposedly a boyfriend of three years. And what about DJ? He loves DJ, and if anything happened between them it would probably kill DJ. He has to bury these feelings, NOW! DJ Part 18B As the two boys lay there, Jamie's arm around Bryan, Jamie closed his eyes for a couple of minutes, enjoying the feeling of Bryan's warm body next to his own. Bryan slowly raised his head and planted his lips onto Jamie's, pushing his tongue into Jamie's mouth. For just a few seconds, their tongues investigated each other's mouths, Bryan was running his fingers through Jamie's hair, and both guys developed erections again. Jamie, leaping to his feet, "Bryan, this can't be happening! I won't allow it to happen! DJ has my heart, and he has trusted me with his, I won't cheat on him, his ... love means everything to me! I don't want to violate his trust." "I'm sorry, Jamie," Bryan is starting to cry, "I never thought we'd end up like that, I'm just so love starved, and I went over the line. Please forgive me, I want and need your support, both yours and DJ's. I don't want to fuck it up, I need you guys more than ever!" Jamie stepped over to the dresser and pulled a couple of tissues out of the box, and wiped the tears from Bryan's face. "I learned something today, Bryan, if I wasn't head over heels in love with DJ, I think I could quite easily fall in love with you." "Thanks Jamie, the last thing I would ever want to do, would be to come between you two, I think you guys really have it together." "Bryan, we haven't really finished our talk, but I have an idea, where is Phil working?" "I don't know, and I can't call him cause my parents monitor my calls." "Well, they don't monitor mine, you know his number, don't you?" Bryan nodded, "Call him from my phone, and if he answers let me talk to him." Jamie handed Bryan his phone, and Bryan put in the number and placed the call. Phil answered, and Bryan handed the phone to Jamie. "Phil, this is Jamie, from school and the club, you got a couple?" "Just about, I'm at work, what's up?" "Where are you working?" "I'm a busboy and dishwasher at Denny's." "Do you think you could get a break for about 15 minutes to see Bryan and me?" "Is Bryan with you now?" "Yes he is, for a little while." "God, I miss him so much, I'm dying to ...