1. Halloween Party

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Incest / Taboo, Author: Issabela, Source: LushStories

    After two weeks of begging my step-mom, she had finally allowed me to go to a Halloween party. She was very protective of me and was worried about me getting exposed to drugs and alcohol. An important fact she didn’t know was that it wasn’t a normal Halloween party. At sixteen years old, losing my virginity was all I was trying to do. Everyone would be wearing costumes with masks and it was sure to result in lots of sex. The party would take place in a house with about a dozen rooms and the only catch was that the entrance was two hundred dollars. I had saved up for a long time to buy my costume and pay my access into the fun. I was all set; the only thing would be finding a girl that was down to fuck. The couple of days before Halloween seemed to last forever but that gave me a chance to think about my approach. My costume was a button-down shirt, dress pants, and a mask that covered my face. My target was to find a girl who wanted to be dominated in bed. It was a simple plan but there was no guarantee it would work. On Halloween night, I put on my costume and left for the party before my step-mom got home from work. I was nervous but I would be going all out with my persona for the night no matter what. If it didn’t work then it would just be two hundred dollars to see a bunch of girls dressed like sluts. When I arrived, I was asked for and ID to make sure I was above sixteen years old. There was no alcohol or drugs but there were lube bottles and condoms placed on the ... coffee table in the living room. “How many people are you expecting?” I asked the organizer, who was an older man. “Enough for everyone to get laid,” he said. The house filled up with high school students in a matter of minutes and it was clear that I would have to find my lane among all the competition. I couldn’t tell who was who but it did surprise me to actually see some of the girls wearing short skirts and the more daring ones showing off their bodies in their lingerie costumes. These were some of the girls from my school that walked the hallways in their uniform and it was great seeing them in much more revealing clothing. Some guys were getting head in the living room and others had taken a couple of girls upstairs to have a threesome. I had to act and find a girl who was alone like me. All of them seemed to be either with their boyfriend or with another girl. “Fuck, I look like a loser,” I thought, feeling my face redden under the mask. I waited in the living room couch for a few minutes to see if a girl arrived by herself. I saw some older couples walk in but there seemed to be nobody for me. All the girls looked amazingly hot but there was one that stood out from the rest. “When did she walk in? How the fuck did I miss her?” I thought, looking at her perfect ass as she bent over to look at the items on the coffee table. She was wearing a sexy school girl costume that left little to the imagination and a black mask that covered her entire face. The white top barely ...