1. Piss Whores in Training: Taking Karissa For A Stroll

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Fiction , Anal, BDSM, BDSM, Straight Sex, BDSM, Lesbian, Job / Office Sex, Lesbian, Group Sex, Water Sports/Pissing, Written by women, Author: Kathrin, Source: sexstories.com

    Sometimes, when you're a dominant lesbian with a distinctively kinky side, you'll meet girls that absolutely love to be used, abused and taken advantage of. Now, most girls have a submissive side, so it's not hard to find a lover who likes to get told what to do, but it takes a special kind of girl to devote herself and her body so entirely to you that she would let you use her, abuse her, do every depraved thing you tell her to willingly and eagerly and still ask for more, beg for more, while already soaked in body fluids from head to toe with every orifice raw and sore. One such girl was Karissa. I woke up one morning with her and another girl next to me, who I had met at a party the night before. I don't even remember the other girl's name, and I doubt I ever got formally introduced to her to begin with. Karissa I remember, she was a friend of a friend of a lover and was just out for a good time. She's a slim petite with long black hair, a cute round face and blue eyes, a few inches shorter than me and, of course, much thinner, but not too thin for my tastes, with some nice womanly curves and a cute set of large-B/small-C cup breasts, which I got to explore all throughout the night. She's about 10 years younger than me, maybe in her mid-20s, and absolutely submissive, with a kinky side I had only scratched the surface of the night before. The other girl was a brunette, a bit taller and older than Karissa, with a layered haircut that was all messy as she lay there in my ... bed in the morning. She had a long face, but sweet wide lips and the prettiest teeth I've ever seen. Her breasts, now underneath the sheets, were nice and full and heavy as far as I remembered. She had joined us, mainly out of curiosity, and was a little embarrassed and reluctant throughout the whole night as this was clearly her first "bi-curious" experiment. She didn't complain when Karissa ate her out, though, and seemed to enjoy watching us. Well, except the things we did in the bathroom, as we had a feeling that she might be too vanilla to appreciate our kinky side when we both found out that we each really, really loved all things pee. Karissa stirred as I sat up, groaning, still half-asleep, while the other girl wasn't moving. I stretched, feeling refreshed and already slightly horny, thinking back on the night before. I was in one of those moods when you're awake, but too lazy to get up, unless something would really require you to, and since it was the weekend and I didn't have to go to work, nothing urgently required me to, other than my bladder. I considered a moment just staying in bed and peeing on myself, as I sometimes do when I'm alone, lazy, horny and don't care, just wanting to feel that warm, wet feeling between my legs, and the relief. Then I got a better idea. I moved, slowly, straddling Karissa's head next to me. I was wearing a short, yellow nightie that just pushed up around my waist as I spread my legs, revealing my ginger-haired crotch and glistening ...