1. Driving Daughter to college

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Fiction, Author: Adam.F, Source: sexstories.com

    Driving Daughter to College Summary: caught in a violent storm with my daughter in her dorm room I am Brian a 39 year old male married to my wife Julia who is 38 years old, i am 6ft tall and she is 5ft6 and a total babe, she looks like Julie Bowen (Google Her) except Julia has 42D bust, had a body most women would die for. Her hair is dark brown that when down hangs just past her shoulders, and she has an ass that is incredible it is petite but full and round and she has an hourglass figure. I work as a builder so i am very fit and energetic, and Julia works as a real estate agent who travels all over the country as the company she works for has agencies all over the USA. Julia said she has to fly to Colorado for a few days to show a few houses to potential buyer so she can’t make the trip with me this weekend to drive our daughter to her college, i was upset that she couldn’t make it as we hadn’t spent much time together recently and this was meant to be the time for us to spend some time together. Julia: I’m sorry Brian but i need to fly to Colorado tomorrow they made me do it as i am the highest seller for the company and i can’t get out of it why don’t you take Jessica back to school and stay a few days there and i promise i will make it up to you when i get back think of it as a way to connect with her while you are gone. Our daughter Jessica is a sophomore at College some 250 kilometres away or a 2 and a bit hour drive she is the splitting image of her mother but ... taller at 5ft8 and a bigger bust at 42DD she has the same dark brown hair as her mum but it is cut shorter closer to her shoulder’s than her mum’s our son Johnny is away at college on the east coast of the USA so we don’t see him all that often but he is due home next week for a few days on leave and i want to be back to see him. Jessica and i drive her mum to the airport and head back home to pack the truck with all her stuff she will need for the next semester, early Friday morning we are up have breakfast then head out to the truck i lock the doors behind us and get into the truck with Jessica. The drive is long but once we are out of the city the road opens up and we can pick up the pace a bit to make the journey a little easier. The conversation is mostly about her next semester and her mum leaving us when she was meant to join us for the trip. Jessica: Daddy try not to worry too much about mum not joining us i know you wanted to spend time with us but just think if you want you can stay with me in my room while you are there and it will save you getting a hotel room and my roommates are away at the moment and it will be just us and we can have the chance to connect again since we haven’t seen each other much with me away at college and you busy working i want to spend some time with your daddy. Brian: I’m sorry sweetie i know we haven’t had much of a chance to reconnect while you were home and i know i was very busy at work i will stay with you for the weekend and head home ...