1. Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Group Sex, Lesbian, Mature / Older, Author: xfox, Source: xHamster

    Unforgettable Holiday Ch 3I woke with a massive hard on, lying there thinking about the night before.....I had to pinch myself to check it wasnt a dream i was in, everything has really happened, all through meeting this sexy couple on a beach....albeit a Naturist beach , and yes we were all naked.......it was so sexy being around them , quiet unassuming mature couple, super chilled and enjoying playing their sexy games. Liz is an up together lady, she loves the sun , and being the center of attention when i came to sexy fun....she is so horny, playing up to her husband Bob.. which he seems to like, kissing his wife and everything else seemed cool with him . Liz has a sexy body smooth curves and pert full breasts ... she was a lovely colour from being in the sun, she looked very attractive and smouldering every guy that had passed , had stopped for a better look at her charms , lying there soaking up the sun..... Bob is a lucky guy to have this fun side of his life with the ultimate Lady at his side also enjoying their fun , to the hilt.........quite literally ...... Bob was about 6ft, well built guy , not too shabby , oh yeah ...and he's got a big cock..... shaved back to the base of his cock , with smooth balls.... and being a mature guy , i found this so exciting to be around, they were very up for some fun and was looking forward to the beach and hopefully finding them and continue our fun , if they were up for it. i had the feeling they might be. as i went back to the ... same spot , to see Bob stood up showing a semi hard cock, for me to focus on as i approached them.... Sue was lying back naked and looking as tempting as ever, causing my cock to stir , my eyes roamed over her pert Breasts and trim figure down to her shaven venus...and slim thighs where my hands had roamed only hours before...... My cock thickening more as i shook Bobs hand , looking down , to notice his cock had also thickened on my arrival , a good sign .... he was well hung, over 8" when hard id say, nice and thick too with a nice helmet swollen and swinging as he moved...which did catch my eye somewhat, realising that he was looking at my cock ringed swollen cock, when i looked up to him....interesting i thought......and saying hi to Liz with a light peck on the cheek , which gave me a chance to take in her body,,, Her pert nipples seemed hard and excited, the way they scrunch up when they firm up always amazes me,,,! so soft and then so hard.....it was making my mouth water looking at them , so i asked Bob if i could join them and with a of course type of look , i assumed it was cool , so we might get to play again..... i smiled as i lay my towels looking towards them both only 15 ft away at the most ......it was because of the way the dunes went and the space we had, but it was sheer bliss having them both looking directly at my cock whenever they wanted to, i felt quite wik** and wanton inside , my cock thickened with my cock ring biting in, the flesh around it swelled as ...