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    (This one is a short one because I was more focused on school time more than play time; but I got plenty of both.) Well I am now a junior and have to declare my major for my degree, with all of my basics out of the way, I decided that I liked my sociology and psychology classes the most. For those classes I decide to declare a dual major in both, so I was assigned a new adviser Dr. Puddles. Yes you can imagine the nicknames and ideas his name congers, but he turned out to be a good adviser and teacher. I never had the opportunity to meet with him before classes, but he was to be my sociology instructor. The class was to be a large one, according to my class slip, about 150 students were registered so I figured the class was going to be auditorium style. When I found the room 3 on the slip it was not where or what I thought it would be. It was a small class room that would only hod about 30 students at the most. The room was packed there was already about 100 students in there and it was standing room only. At about 3 minutes before the first bell we were crammed in there shoulder to shoulder and everybody was extremely restless, tempers were starting to flair. Comments were being made about our situation and the poor planning of the administration. Everybody in the room was uncomfortable and I noticed this guy by the door and he was highly agitated when the first bell rang and there was no sign of Dr. Puddles the guy by the door was getting really upset and stated “It is ... time for class and we don’t have a teacher! If he is not here by the second bell we can go and not be counted absent!” he tossed his long wavy black hair and adjusted his glasses. When he did his books fell and I could not help notice his tight jeans and tank top, he filled the jeans and shirt well. You could tell he worked out an caries a nice bulge in front, when he bent down to pick the books up it showed me his nice round ass and I had to lower my books to hide my erection. The second bell rang and another student said “Let’s go and get some air! We have been sardines long enough!” she headed for the door but that Guy standing there blocked her way. “Hi, I am Dr. Puddles and no one is going anywhere for at least ten minutes.” there was a long break as the muttering subsided. There are a few simple rules to be followed in my class. This is our class room on our scheduled days and time but you only have to attend one of those classes per week, the same lecture will be given each of those days and your assignment for the next week which you will turn into my office by 3pm on Fridays. Before you leave here today you will be assigned to be in study groups of 6 and you will decide who is going to be in charge of turning you assignments in, one report as a group with your individual names on it. On grade will be given for each report, but each of you will have that grade logged onto your record. As you file out register your name and get a number then wait in the hall.” As we ...