1. Timegasms 5 - Moulin Rouge & Home

    Date: 4/16/2018, Categories: Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Author: byLitEroCat, Source: Literotica

    ©2015, 2016, 2017 LiterocatPreface: This story includes: sciFi, loving wives, exhibitionism, bi-sex, anal.Earlier chapters:Timegasms, Timegasms 2, Timegasms 3, Timegasms 4Previously:My thoughts drifted to JFK and his . . . Oh no! Suddenly, I felt a tickle and . . . and . . . ah hh Choo . . . Thankfully, I resisted squeezing my nipple. Ted stared wide-eyed at me. "No, I didn't go anywhere that time. But my next sneeze, I want you hugging me tightly and I'm testing this too." Ignoring the strangers, I stuffed my compact smart phone as deep into my fleshy purse as possible. I felt it slide past my cervix. Just seconds later, I felt the urge again, pulled Ted to his feet and ordered him to quickly and tightly hug me. I cupped my mound to contain my phone, squ . . . squ . . . squeezed a nipple hard and . . . ah hh CHOooo . . . ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "Tara! Did you go and come back already? How long were you gone?" Ted's confused, near panicked face was so amusing. "I umm, let go of my nipple at the last second. I explained that I needed a sharp pain as I sneezed to jump, right? So, no hun, I didn't go. I don't know when or where to go yet. When we get to the hotel we can find an opening together. So let's sit and watch the show." Bending sharply to lean on the low table pushed my ass toward our voyeurs at the adjacent, close table. Well aware of their scrutiny, I shifted my sheerly covered ass closer to them and felt the naughty freedom of offering them my ... vulnerable pussy. As I waited for someone's intimate contact, I flipped my skirt across my ass and shifted my naked cheeks brazenly. Our neighbors watched both of us closely as I watched their chests heave deeply. The husband especially was fixated on my tempting bare ass and my bared, puffy lips below it. As I sat, I let my dress flap fall open and coyly spread and aimed my knees at him. His still exposed dick quickly began to rise again. I slowly opened my legs wider for the husband as his pudgy yet pretty wife and Ted stared. His cock had waned a bit as he worried about his wife, but was still exposed and proud. I took him in hand again, pulled back his foreskin and squeezed until his bishop swelled purple and the blonde wife gasped. When I released his cock, I flipped the rest of my invisible dress open, splayed my legs widely toward them and began digging deep inside me to retrieve my slippery phone, the stranger increased his full length pulls on his thick cock, licked his lips and edged off his chair toward my pussy. My heart raced as I behaved so wantonly. As he reached out for it, his wife grabbed his wrist and pulled him back. Then SHE stood and brashly pulled her crimson cocktail dress open and across her naked ass. With her hairy pussy bared, she got on her knees and approached me. "Permettez-moi de récupérer votre téléphone , je vous en prie." she said as she reached out to my wet pussy while her eyes were still covetously locked on my Ted's purple majesty. I smiled ...