1. Fag Boys Suck Ch. 03

    Date: 4/17/2018, Categories: BDSM, Author: bypospanost, Source: Literotica

    ***The story contains bi thoughts and actions. If these offend you, consider yourself kindly warned. ... If you want to help me with editorial advice for the next installment of "Fag Boys Suck", feel free to contact me.*** ***** After a month of fruitless and fervent masturbatory séances and generally unproductive attempts to find a Mistress, me and my girlfriend succumbed to kindwolf. We sent him a message: "We are ready to serve, Master." He didn't waste any time and replied to our message with a simple: "Skype me at 6PM tomorrow. Wear masks, naked." At 6PM the next day, I looked at my girl before clicking on the "Call" button. She had goose bumps and she was in an obvious state of wanton desire... I could smell her excitement and see her dribble on the chair. ... When Master's face appeared on the screen we, without giving it any thought, proudly jutted our naked chests forward. This involuntary act of proud submission marked the beginning of our real descent into the inviting and enticing velvety depths of depravity. I was immediately put on a "no cum" regime, only allowed to masturbate for a predefined period each day. Usually, it was for 15 minutes to half an hour a day, with a steady diet of man on man, man on transsexual and on special days - man on woman action. However, the latter were always of the cuckold genre, with the cuckold present in the shot but passively watching the action or helping the dominant lover mount the female. Of course, I saw where all of ... it was going - I wasn't blind - he was training me to become a full fledged faggot cuckold boy. However, in our first real slave to master chat we agreed to an online only two month long period of his domination over us. This agreement made me feel safe because it meant that we still had some control over the whole affair. It was supposed to be an online vent where we could let off our steam and explore each other. All that taken into account, I still found it maddening to witness the awesome power of his unrelenting virtual sexual attacks on the mind of my beloved girl. With each passing day of our two month period as his online slaves, she slowly changed. She was like a piece of clay, masterfully shaped into something new, exciting and forbidden to me. In one of our first sessions, after he imposed the "no cum" regime on me, he smugly concluded: "Your cum and your dickie now belong to me. You will not milk any boygoo out of it without my explicit say so. She, of course, is totally off limits to you in any physical way without my permission. You are to make yourself a bed on your kitchen floor where you will sleep every night. You will call this your "boybed". Your sleeping arrangements are here to make your place in the household clear. You are below your woman. Also, this woman is now mine, and any sexual or physical contact with my female will be with my explicit command." I could see the wisdom in his decision because even though I was mainly exposed to pornographical ...