1. Weekend Training (P1CH1)

    Date: 4/22/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Ass to mouth, Violence / Cruelty, BDSM, Fan fiction, BDSM, Reluctance, Torture, Water Sports/Pissing, Author: goddess_tangents_slave_h, Source: sexstories.com

    CHAPTER 1 ======================================================================= I woke up and I couldn’t move. I couldn’t see anything either - I was blindfolded. I was physically very uncomfortable as I slowly realized I was stomach down on some kind of flimsy plastic fabric which was spread on what I imaged was sand. As I became more aware, I realized I didn't have any pant or shirt on. My hands and legs were behind my back, I tried moving them but couldn’t. My ankles and wrists were tied together behind my back. I had only an underwear on. The air was thick with moisture and salt, and smelled of candles. My efforts to free myself rustled the flimsy plastic. “Oh good you’re awake” The voice was familiar… “M?” M and I had taken some classes together when in college, hung out and done homework. I hadn't seen her in a long time as she had moved to a different city. “Yes, but you dont get to call me that anymore. I am your goddess from now on, call me Goddess Tangent” l tried laughing it off, but something about her voice made me believe that she meant business. “Did you do this? What did you… How did you… “ - “Magic” she teased. I tried to recollect my most recent awake memory. I recollected having got on the bus after work back to downtown where I lived in a tiny rented room, it was Friday evening, it was late, my boss has dumped some work on me at 5pm on a Friday night and I had to stay late. I finished and was able to catch the 11.35 pm bus. How long ago was that? “I was ... on the bus, I don’t remember anything after, what happened? Where is this? How - “ I felt her pushing me and rolling me over onto my back on all my tied limbs with my stomach facing up, this was even more uncomfortable with my body weight on my awkwardly tied limbs. I couldn’t see shit - I realized I was helpless as I couldn’t move and my front from my face to my knees was vulnerable at her disposal. “I got into your bus at the Ardmore stop and found you dozing off in your seat like a rock. I chloroformed you just in case, got you off the bus at Wissahickon and put you in my truck. We are in my tent now, at a remote rustic site on the beach in Maryland. There’s no one around us for miles, we are a few hours away from the city and at least an hour away from human civilization. It's almost morning now, you passed out good with the chloroform.” I then felt my underwear sliding down slowly - she was pulling it down, “I then took off all your clothes and tied you up. Oh by the way, you look adorable in my pink panties” Panties what? The slow rubbing down of the elastic on my shaft, her mocking and teasing me and her story about how she got me there made me very hard and erect. But she didn't let my shaft stand up free, she stopped sliding it down such that the elastic of her panties kept my shaft pressed down. My shaft began twitching, wanting to stand free, I heard her laugh, wickedly. She clearly was enjoying this. “This weekend is your initiation bitch, you’ll learn how to shed ...