1. Malaysian Chinese Cuckolds Vacation in US

    Date: 4/27/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Asian, Cuckold, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Fisting, Hardcore, Humiliation, Water Sports/Pissing, Wife / MILF, Author: kclou, Source: sexstories.com

    Edmend, Nick and Ben were such a close friends they bought a low density condominiums unit right next to each other. There is only 3 unit in a floor, so is just them in that floor. Ever since they were a kid, they watch porno together and they share similar fetishes. They are into swinging and luckily their partner are into it too. Edmend got married first with Isabelle at the age of 20, His wife was only 16yo as he accidentally got her pregnant. Isabelle was slim type even when she is pregnant, with her C cup breast size and height of 155cm. Edmend even shared Isabelle with Nick and Ben when she is pregnant with his 2nd child. They had 2 kids. Nick got married a year later with their high school sweetheart Jene, she is 163cm with C cup breast size too. Jene had dated Edmend & Ben before she married Nick. She was the first girl in the group that was gangbang by all three of them and she is the one that is most open to anything. They once invited few of their other close friends to bang her. Jene had one kid with Nick. Ben got married the latest at the age of 25, they started dating when Ben is 23yo & Monica is 22yo. Monica is curvy but not fat, with B cup near to C cup and standing at 165cm. She is into exhibitionism. Very often when she goes out and throw garbage, she didn't wear any underwear. Ben would always make her buy see through dress or undies. The condo guards always get free view of her and it turns Ben on. The three of them was planning a getaway and it was Ben ... & Monica honeymoon as they just got married. Nick suggested to go to the states. He say his parents can get free hotel there as they are high roller in Vegas. Ben said they should also do homestay across US and hopefully get to show off their wives a little. They were turn on by the idea and start searching for a place to stay. They posted a group picture of them in a forum asking for people to accommodate them. Their wives wear as seducing as possible but didn't reveal too much. They received positive and negative respond. Some insulted them saying they are cheap and just get a hotel. Some directed to their ethnic background calling them yellow fever, chink and gook. Some invited them to stay over at their place. The husband knew they want a place where there is only Males. A white old man send them a message at the age of 55 with his son's at the age of 35, 33 & 30. He goes by the name of Henry, he said his wife just passed away and his son's is introvert. They didn't really had much just a small farm and they have extra rooms for them to stay. Monica was in loved with it as she felt like going naked around the farm. They quickly agree. They left Malaysia and put their kids to their grandparents house. When they arrived at the airport, Henry was there with their eldest son John. They drove 2 pickup truck to pick them up. Each pick up truck can only fit 2 people so the other 2 had to sit a the trunk area. Their wives get to sit inside and offer Ben and Monica to sit at the ...