1. Jan and John's Sexual Exploration

    Date: 4/28/2018, Categories: Fiction , Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Straight Sex, Masturbation / Toys, Voyeur / Exhibitionism, Wife / MILF, Author: Beauxblu, Source: sexstories.com

    I’ve known Jan, my wife, since we were in the 7th grade. You might say we sort of matured together. At the time she was a small girl, quiet, a bit shy and some might say bookish, a good student. Not one of the more socially popular girls that the boys were swarming around. She was short, brownish blond hair, slight build and an innocent girl next door look. Jan didn’t make the effort to dress like the older girls or draw attention to herself. Her body didn’t develop as early as many of the girls but she did possess one outstanding feature a pronounced protruding rear that instantly drew your attention. That feature remains one of her best physical assets today. Neither Jan nor I, my name is John, were in the popular cliques at school but rather a bit outside of the social mix with a few good friends that we associated with. We became friendly during high school and even went to our senior prom together. Probably one of the few plutonic couples attending. We did manage to engage in a rather perfunctory kiss at her door when the evening was over. We were the kids who worked hard, paid attention to our studies and stayed out of trouble. After graduation we both commuted to a local community college where Jan studied to become a legal assistant and I a computer technician. We began to see each other occasionally and to attend some concerts and events together. We became fond of each other and began to date on a regular basis. It was over the Christmas holidays that first year ... that we both gave our virginity to each other in a fumbling effort that left both of us a bit shaken but happy and more emotionally and physically drawn to each other than ever before. Things developed from there and our petting and sex play became a regular aspect of our relationship. We became engaged in our second year of school and married the year after we completed our schooling. We both found jobs in a city about a two hour drive from our hometown where I worked for a consulting firm and Jan a local law firm. Now that I look back on where we started and where our relationship is now I think of some key events that, while not recognizing them at the time, sent us in directions that neither of us anticipated nor planned. We discovered things about ourselves and made some choices that satisfied immediate urges and fed our more raw internal appetites and sexual urges. Its not that I regret those decisions nor how they shaped where we are today. Its more a reflection on the unexpected things we learn about ourselves, each other and what we choose to suppress or surrender to in the course of our lives. Also, how ultimately rewarding and satisfying it is when two people find that they have compatible taste and pleasure triggers. We two found we were almost too similar to be safe for each other. At times in our journey of exploration no one seemed to be in control. That first significant event occurred shortly before Jan and I became engaged. We attended a summer picnic with some ...