1. Breeding beauty ch 6 - A breeding party in the city

    Date: 4/28/2018, Categories: True Story , Anal, Ass to mouth, Ass to pussy, BDSM, Black, Blackmail, Group Sex, Pregnant, Rape, Wife / MILF, Author: mikey19341, Source: sexstories.com

    Breeding beauty - Ch 6 A night out in the city. Previous Ch1: the beginning Ch2: first craigslist add Ch3: caught outside looking in Ch4: Cory auctioning her cunt off Ch5: why split the profits... Ebay auction.. My stories are 100 % real. Mostly what I remember but then again during most of my stories I was drunk and wasted watching real anonymous men fuck my blacked out or passed out wife.. Why do I do it you may ask? Because I am demented? Because I sick mother fucker? Well.... Mainly because I can! I can exploit her weakness for the pleasure of many repressed men... So I tell myself.. After many sessions of breeding beauty in her own bed with random men on Craigslist I soon got bored and wanted to push things bit and see if she would let a guy pick her up and fuck her while blacked out. Test#1: blacked out and pretend to be some random guy. Many times if she did hard whiskey she would black out, not focus and loose her memory... Almost zombie like. I got her home one night after several shots and a bottle of wine... She asked who I was. I pretended to be David... Told her I wanted her ass before a fucked her cunt... But first she had to suck my cock. Holy shit she went for it the little nympho! She even went and rimmed my ass and fingered my hole.... I fucked her ass hard and she orgasmed... It was the first load I ever shot up a women's ass...and on top of it all she yelled out in the middle of her orgasm... "take my o-ring"... What the hell did that even mean...i had to ... Google it the next day. Obviously in her 20s and 30s her sexual escapades were wilder than mine.. Test #2: Rick... A guy who I trusted "sort of" and has bred her several times but he was fixed like me so there was no pregnancy risk... Had him hit on her at the bar... She was tanked and I had crushed up several of her zanex in her food... By 100 she could barely remember her name... Rick hit on her and danced with her... I pretended to leave and she didn't even care.... I watchef from a distance as he flirted and groped her.... Then left with her in his car.. On the way he texted me. She passed out in my fucking car... I said bring her home and park in the garage. We carried her to bed.... He fucked her and I did as well... We covered her in cum inside and out... Rick left a note saying what a hit fuck she was on the dresser.... I went to my dads... In the morning after she called me and apologized for whatever she did... I told her she made an ass out of me at various so Ieft... I asked her what she did and how she hit her drunk ass home... She said she called her girlfriend for a ride..Right! You bullshittiing slut! Now the real story begins......... Rick texted me and said he had a brilliant idea. A party in Philly with many hot guys to fuck her. All I need to do was get her to this particular dance club. Party? What I didn't realize was that she was the party...many guys in a private game room in the basement of a old club with her on the pool table. I didn't know until I ...