1. My first sugar daddy

    Date: 4/29/2018, Categories: Fiction , Anal, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Boy, Cum Swallowing, BDSM, First Time, Gay, Mature / Older, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Masturbation / Toys, Author: James94092761, Source: sexstories.com

    I just turned 19 and I had a good muscular body and a good cock. I always wanted someone as a jerk off buddy or a cum buddy since I got addicted to cum and anal. I surfes on the internet to meet people who want the same thing and I found an intresting website. It was a website for men between 35-60 years old who were looking for a young guy to be there sugarbaby. You could see photos of the daddies with some information about them. I surfed for 10 minutes on thag website. It was free to create an account for the young boys the daddies had to pay a monthly price. I created an acoount and left the website. I didn't sent a daddy a message yet because I want a daddy to choose me. The next day I opened the website again and I had a nothing in my inbox. So edited my profile a bit with better pictures and stuff. After a week I went on the website again and I got 3 messages in my inbox. The first one was from a 60 year old former business man that didn't look handsome and he was hairy, so I didn't answer him. The second was a 58 year old men who had an company, not a special guy so I didn't say anything back. But the third guy was intresting. He was a handsome with grey blackish hair. He was 47 and still had a good looking body. His profile said that he was in the suit business. I clicked on the chat and he had send that he would like to skype with me. I texted back "my skype name is the same as my profile name, add me and we can have a chat". The next day we had a chat on skype ... and he was just like his profile, it would have sucked if he was a catfish. He was a really nice guy and had a lot of intrest. He did live in London and I live in an other country not far from England. He showed me a bit of his house and told me what his hobbies are. He had an big big house and expensive cars so I knew he was really rich. He eventually asked why I signed up for the website. I replied " well actually I just want to give blowjobs and get cum all over and in me and I thought that getting a sugardaddy was a good idea". He laughed and said "but you can just go to a gaybar and have sex with guys who are younger instead of an older man like me", then I told him that was in a financial crisis and also needed money or someone to pay my bills. He then got my point and said that he would to meet me te see me in real life and just get to know each other. He said that he'll fix the meeting and I didn't have to do anything. Two days later I got an email of him with flight tickets to London. The email also said "these are your tickets, someone is going to pick you from the airport and he will drive you to my house". I freezed for a minute. It is actually going to happend, I am getting a handsome rich sugardaddy! The flight was leaving tomorrow at 4pm and the flight back was 3 days later than depature. The next day I packed my stuff and went on the flight. When I arrived a guy in a suit was there with my name on it. We went to the garage and got in a good looking Audi A8. The ...