1. It's Not Rape If I Like It.

    Date: 4/29/2018, Categories: Fiction , Anal, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, Masturbation / Toys, Non-consensual sex, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Teen, First Time, Author: White Walls, Source: sexstories.com

    JOHN Let me describe a woman to you. She’s eighteen years old, about five-foot-five, and probably around a hundred and ten or so pounds. Now that we've gotten the statistics out of the way, let me paint her picture in your mind. Straight, black hair frames a pale face, whose complexion is dotted with hundreds of freckles. High cheekbones, large, piercing, blue eyes, full, pouting lips, and a thin, pointed nose, structure this canvas. Her ears perk out from her head wider than normal, but that only compliments her features. Her neck is long, thin and elegant, and sits atop a narrow set of shoulders. Moving down her frame, we see a bust that protrudes vulgarly from the yellow spandex of her shirt. Each dome is shaped perfectly; creasing at the center and bursting from the constraints of her clothing. Her belly is flat, and beneath the yellow tightness of her shirt, I can see the tone outline of an athletic abdomen. Further down, we find a set of wide hips. Adorning these hips, is the kind of ass that makes your mouth water. Full, thick glutes protrude in ovals that crease perfectly at the thigh. Her black, spandex, leggings seem to dig vulgarly between the division of these cheeks, and they each jiggle with a delightful bounce as she walks. Her thighs are thick and toned, and narrow into knees, which in turn, narrow into a pair of running shoes. “Sounds great,” you might say, “but why the fuck did you tell me what she looks like with clothes on? ” Well, reader; I don’t know ... what she looks like naked. I don’t even know her name. The description I’m giving you is what I’m looking at right now, because this girl goes to my gym, and the only interaction I’ve ever had with her, has been awkward eye contact, and waiting at the drinking fountain. To put in nicely…I’m a fucking loser. You’ve heard this story before, haven’t you? Right now, you’re thinking: “This can either go one of two ways: he’ll get the girl because she’s secretly attracted to him, or he’ll just straight-up rape her.” Well, reader, you’re right on both accounts. ALICE Let me describe a man to you. He’s in his late twenties, about six feet tall, and probably around a hundred and eighty pounds or so. Now that we've gotten the statistics out of the way, let me paint his picture in your mind. He’s got a bald, shaved head that narrows into a tanned face, whose complexion is shadowed with a thick wrap of stubble. A pronounced brow, brown eyes, handsome nose and strong jaw structure this canvas. His ears press flat against the sides of his bald head, which gives him a very stream-lined look. His neck is thick, and falls into a pair of tapered traps. His shoulders slope slightly, but the tone of musculature is there, and they connect to a set of veined biceps and jutting triceps. His forearms are vascular and strong, and seem to ripple with tendons as he moves them. His hands are also strong; thin skin and scars revealing the hard conditions they’ve endured. Moving down his frame, we see a set ...