1. Incestuous Harem 17: Disciplining the Bratty Sister

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    Incestuous Harem Chapter Seventeen: Punishing the Bratty Sister By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Note: Thanks to Ron for beta reading this! Vicky Samuels “Okay, I want your worksheets filled out by tomorrow,” I said to my World History class, staring out at the students. There were smatterings of groans that made me smile while the more driven students, who cared about their grades, nodded brightly. I tried not to linger on any one face of my students as they gathered their supplies into their backpacks, particularly one. It was so hard not to stare at Master as I taught. I just wanted to proclaim to the class, on my knees, that Clint was my master. That I was his Aunt Slut. I would do anything for him. That my “illness” yesterday wasn't caused by any stomach cramps, but by massive orgasms churned by the vibrator in my pussy controlled by his hands. “Ms. Samuels,” Clint said, his baritone so strong, so manly and commanding. It reminded me of how dominating he had been with Zoey last night as she was punished. The entire harem, watching from the master bedroom via a carefully situated webcam, had all shivered as he took Zoey by the scruff of her neck and made her fully embrace the family. God, just thinking about it made me wet. “Yes, Clint?” I asked, walking to him, not fast to give notice, but without any hesitation. “Is there a question you need help with?” “There is,” he said, a hint of his smile on his lips. The other students were filing out. “I—” “Hey, Clint,” Tom ... Ruston said, stepping up to my nephew's desk and blocking me from reaching it. “Man, hear you're dating Pam Hiragawa.” “Yeah,” Clint said, allowing only a hint of annoyance to creep into his voice. My nephew was a tall, handsome young man, dark hair and eyes, chiseled chin. Not that Tom Ruston was bad looking, even with his sandy-blond hair that was a shade too long for my taste in men. “Congrats, man,” Tom said. “What a pull. Wish I had a girl that hot.” Clint shrugged. “Just go up to the girl you like, be confident, and ask her out. Women love a confident man.” “Shit, really? I just get so tongued-tied. There's this one girl and...” He trailed off then looked behind him. “Oh, Ms. Samuels, didn't see you. Did you...?” “I need to talk to her about a project,” Clint said. “Oh, shi...shoot, sorry, man.” Tom flashed me a smile. “Cool, I'll get going.” “Later,” Clint nodded, watching Tom leave. The door closed behind him. “You're not hanging out with your friends any longer, Master,” I said. Clint shrugged. “I have a girlfriend now. Everyone knows when that happens...” “The boy gets pussy-whipped.” I let out a giggle then stopped it at Clint's look. “Sorry, Master. I didn't mean to imply that you could ever be whipped by us pussies. Not when you have that cock.” I wiggled my hips, my pussy on fire. He grinned at that and walked around me, staring at my tits stretching my low-cut blouse. I loved showing off my tits to my students. The boys, and sometimes a girl, drooled over them. It ...