1. Arcade Cocksucker

    Date: 4/30/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Cum Swallowing, Straight Sex, Gay, Mature / Older, Teen, Teen, Author: byronnnn, Source: sexstories.com

    Always been a sucker for suckers. Show me a willing mouth and my dick is hard right now. Don't matter to me--- male, female, queer, fairy, dyke, whatever. Like them fresh-faced, smooth, fem, and eager. If you like dick in your mouth, I got a good seven-and-a-half for ya. Long as you swallow. And I can tell you, it's a helluva lot easier to get a queer to spread his mouth than it is to get a woman to spread her legs-----generally speaking of course----and hell, I love the feel of a warm & wet & moving mouth. So much more fucking action than pussy. I've had my share of girls who sucked dick. Some liked it and were pretty good while others only did it because they liked me. Won't have no girlfriend who don't take it in her mouth and let me do my business. Same with you queerboys. All I want is your mouth. Then you swallow. I don't chase girls for pussy. I chase them for their mouths. I don't hang with queers who are into cornholing but if they're a cocksucker, hell yeah. All I fuck are mouths. Haven't chased pussy for over 15 years but I been out after "mouth" for 25 and I fucked a helluva lot of them. Know which ones are the best, far as I'm concerned? Those obsessed with dick in their mouth and nothing else comes close for them. I'm Alexander, 45, decent looking, oversexed, head-huter, a bit on the nasty side. I think you get the pic. So, it was about midnight a little over a year ago and I found myself horny and stroking and it wasn't exactly setting my rocks on fire so I ... headed to an adult arcade just for the hell of it. Not much happening there. Thought about going to the booths to see if I could a bj but I'm not often into such randomness and I don't like the idea of some bearded butch-ugly sucking my dick when I'm into smooth femmies. Also wasnt looking to have problems getting caught by some cop sting. I strolled the magazine aisles and faced the hetero ones while glancing at the queer ones. Found couple of nasty cocksucking mags, quickly paid for them, tucked the brown baggy under my left armpit, and hurried to the door and briskly passed through to the cool and dark night. Didn't get far. Suppose I was in too much of a rush that I didn't even see him but a young guy with full and thick and long brown hair asked me the random-odd question, "Hey—Uh—So, is there anything I can do for you?" I was like, "What?" I mean, what the hell? "Like hang out so you're not alone or get you some weed or . . . I don't know . . . like maybe suck on your dick?" He was a cute boy. Figured him for high school since he looked like it and also he was outside the arcade and not inside. Cute, somewhat fem from what I could tell and----hell----he had said the magic words, "suck on your dick." If that's how he liked using his mouth then who the hell was I to argue? Besides, schoolboy out after midnight looking for dick on a school night had to be pretty damned cock-needy. First thought was to ask how old he was. Second thought was that was the last question I wanted ...