1. Playing Doctor Pt.3

    Date: 5/1/2018, Categories: Fiction , Bisexual, Consensual Sex, Author: hornykip50, Source: sexstories.com

    PLAYING WITH DOCTOR I woke a little later the next morning than I would have liked. I rolled over to find the space Amy had occupied was empty. I stumbled into the bathroom to relieve myself. Amy was sitting on the toilet. “Good morning… Oh…. Sorry… I will step back into the living room if you wish,” I said. The smell was enough to curdle milk. “Yes, please,” she said. I stepped into the living room and Amy continued. “I needed to… you know… And since you were still asleep. I thought I would take advantage. I don't like doing this in front of new boyfriends.” “You would have to, eventually,” I stated. “But I understand the embarrassment. I have heard of women who won't even fart in the presence of their significant others.” Amy came out from the bathroom in very short time. “Now I can say it… Good morning, Honey.” She kissed me deeply. “Oh… Morning Breath.” “Please allow me to remedy that.” I kissed her slightly reluctant lips one more time, then headed to the bathroom to urinate and brush my teeth. As I was brushing, I looked in the mirror to see Amy standing behind me, still completely naked. She was squeezing one breast with one hand, and running her other hand up her inner thigh and across her sweet pussy lips. I quickly finished my task and turned to show my appreciation for the image in the mirror. “Oh… That'll get you goin' in the morning,” Amy cooed. “I saw you in the mirror. What you were doing caused this.” “Would you like more?” “Oh, hell yeah,” I stepped toward ... her. “No no no no,” she said waving her finger. You have to wait. “For what, may I ask?” “For the other half of the show.” She turned immediately and went to her bag. Pulled out her phone and called somebody. I could only assume it was Toni. She whispered in the phone, then listened. She laughed and said, “What do you think, BITCH?” at that second I knew she was talking to Toni. “Just get here.” “Is Toni coming in?” I asked stroking my hard cock slowly. “None your fucking business. But you had better quit that or it will be useless when you need it.” “Oh… We are going there again, eh?” She smiled with a devilish twinkle in her eye. “We just might. You may need to relax for a few minutes.” She stepped close to me, mashed her pussy against my raging boner, put her arms around me and kissed me deeply. Every time I tried to put my hands anywhere on her, she knocked them away. I caved and put them behind my back. “Good boy,” she snickered. “You can be trained after all.” “Be careful, the slaves don't rebel against the master,” I warned. “Okay, Honey. At ease. Take me in your arms and give me your best.” I put my arms around her and connect with her sweet lips. We made out for the next few minutes, until Toni knocked on the door. Without a shred of modesty, or clothing, Amy ran to the door and opened it wide. I was inwardly happy that Toni was in fact the one standing there. “Jesus Christ, Amy,” Toni said pushing her away from the door so could she come in and close it. “What if ...