1. Blind Love

    Date: 5/1/2018, Categories: Cuckold, Author: chesh78, Source: LushStories

    Cold air cuts across my chest as the door opens. As usual, they enter without knocking and, as always, I ignore the breach of etiquette. Being polite is a courtesy they offer to more welcome guests, so the show of disrespect is their less than subtle way of telling me that in a world of people who matter, I don’t. Besides, they have guns. When it comes to guns, I figure it’s easier just to smile and do whatever they want. What they want right now is for me to be wearing the blindfold I’m legally contracted to have on between here and the client’s bedroom. Technically, it’s for security since my employer is paranoid about his public image, and the guards are paranoid about faces being seen; but in reality it’s overkill, considering I’ve been registered blind since birth and offer the full-package deal, privacy included. In any case, I’ve known my client for years - I know who she was ; who she is . It’s why I got this job, despite her husband’s objections. I knew her way back before all his shit intruded. While the man may be rich as fuck, he’s got no class. He took her out of poverty and dragged her down to his level, and she resents him for it. So when he talked her into living out his fantasies, there was only ever one choice. After all, you never forget your first love. I’ve been ready for over five minutes now, waiting on them even though they’re late. While I’d rather not be standing here naked, it’s what they expect and so naked I am - my suit relocated to a hanger ... in the closet, my shirt and tie hanging right alongside it, and a cashmere robe laying on the bed ready for when my escort have finished their inspection. It’s a gift from her , not him. The first time I was here, I forgot to bring anything along to cover my modesty for the surprisingly long walk to their bedroom, resulting in embarrassment for me, amusement from the guards, and several inappropriate and rather lewd comments from the maids who made the erroneous assumption that my Spanish amounted to nada . The robe arrived at my house the next morning, couriered courtesy of Dior. I’m told it’s beautiful. As per instructions, I showered on arrival and my skin feels soft and prickly. As it dries, I can smell the scent of ylang-ylang and jasmine extracts. Yeah, I know – hardly a masculine odour, but that’s the point. My employer will be sleeping with his wife when I’ve finished with her, and it’s been made clear from the start that he has no intention of smelling me on her skin; so out of respect for my bank balance I avoid aftershaves, and make sure to use the same brand of shower gel she uses. After all, I’m here to provide solutions, not issues. Dick size is what gets the customers interested, but it’s the little touches – things I do to keep my clients happy and content - that’s what keeps me on retainer. Even before the door opens, I hear muffled voices out in the hall; the telltale tread of their approach signalled by the sad little squeak of synthetic rubber on marble ...