1. All the Power Pt. 4: A familiar face

    Date: 5/2/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Anal, Ass to mouth, Oral Sex / Blowjob, BDSM, Group Sex, BDSM, Author: thisismyname113, Source: sexstories.com

    Tetenia choked loudly on His Likeness, and her head shot off the phallus. She breathed heavily, quickly, deep, heaving, almost panicked breaths. She held her stomach and then rubbed her temples, gazing up at the life-size, golden statue of Him. Ellesa, her Blessed Servant, handed her a glass of water. Tetenia took small sips, not wanting overwhelm herself. When Tetenia finally was able to speak she said “How long was that today? Fourteen hours? Fifteen? I don’t think any I can do any more right now.” “Fourteen and a half hours, about,” Ellesa replied. Tetenia took another sip of water, and Ellesa helped her up. Together, they walked out of the shrine and into the living room of Tetenia’s living quarters. Tetenia sat down on the couch. Her back, knees and neck were achingly sore. “Do you want something to eat?,” Ellesa asked her. Tetenia thought for a moment. “Maybe,” she said. “You might as well bring over a plate.” Ellesa walked off to the kitchen. Months had passed. Every day, for fourteen, sometimes sixteen, hours a day (plus the hour for the actual Ceremony of Full Worship), Tetenia kneeled down before His Likeness, the Likeness’s ten-inch golden phallus shoved down her throat. She had barely even seen His Supremacy since they day of her punishment. Once, He summoned her, and she went to Him, bowed down for a few hours, then was dismissed. Aside from that, she only saw Him from a great distance, on the Sacred Throne, during the handful of Changing of the Term ceremonies ... that had occurred since then. Instead, Tetenia saw His Likeness. Every day, gagging, choking, sometimes vomiting in a bucket, head pounding, eyes watering, muscles sore. Nearly every day she considered going to Him to request absolvance of penance, but she refrained, remembering Ellesa’s advice all those months ago: until she could get through an hour of Full Worship, absolvance was all for naught. And she couldn’t get through an hour, she wasn’t even remotely close. She wasn’t even sure that she had made any progress at all. Ellesa came back, and set a plate of fruit and cheese on the table in front of Tetenia. “Thanks, Ellesa,” Tetenia said quietly. Ellesa sat down in a chair beside the table, as Tetenia nibbled at the food. “Do you want some?” Tetenia asked, pushing the plate towards Ellesa. “Are you sure?” “Yeah.” Ellesa took a piece of fruit. Tetenia cracked her neck and rubbed her shoulders. “Can I ask you something?” she said to Ellesa. “Sure, of course. Anything you want.” “How much penance do I owe now?” Ellesa paused for a moment. “You know you still haven’t completed your latest round of penance, right? And you don’t need to know until then.” “I want to know.” “Are you going to ask Him for absolvance? You know….you’re still really far from getting through an hour.” “I don’t know if I’m going to ask Him. Maybe I will, and maybe I won’t. I just want to know.” Tetenia paused, and looked up at the ceiling. “I just want to know if I’ve made any progress at all.” “Do you ...