1. Possession (Pt 3)

    Date: 5/6/2018, Categories: Fiction , Bestiality, Bisexual, Oral Sex / Blowjob, Lesbian, Group Sex, Masturbation / Toys, Author: Tbarn1966, Source: sexstories.com

    Waking Anna lies in bed trying to decide what to do, she now knows she will not be able to just throw the book away, it has a hold on her she can’t understand. Suddenly she decides to return to the shop where she got it and try to give it back. 30 minutes later Anna stands outside the shop staring at the door, she tries to pluck up the courage to enter. Finally Anna pushes the door open and steps inside, seeing the woman behind the counter Anna freezes at the look of recognition on the woman’s face. Stepping over to the counter Anna starts to speak when 2 men enter looking round, one nods towards the back of the shop and they walk down an aisle nodding to both women as they pass. The woman behind the counter shakes her head at Anna and waits for the men to disappear before she speaks ‘It’s no good you can’t give it back’, shocked Anna realises the woman was expecting Anna’s return. ‘What do you mean?’ Anna asks, the woman looks round to make sure they’re not overheard, ‘the book won’t let you do it, it has to be taken voluntarily’ she says. The woman then tells Anna about the day she got it, a van had arrived from a house sale she had bid on for the library of books. 6 boxes had been delivered and at the bottom of the 3rd box was the book; the woman hadn’t thought anything about it as she unpacked them and put them on the shelf. ‘Well that was what I meant to do’ she says, ‘when I got home I found the book in my bag, I guess you can work out what happened after that’ she ... finishes. ‘I forced myself to put the book on that shelf the morning you came in’ the woman says ‘I’m sorry you got it’ she says in apology. ‘The things I’ve done because of that book’ Anna gasps, ‘you knew and still you let me take it.... how could you?’ Anna’s eyes fill with tears as she stands there, the woman looks at her, ‘you’ve brought it back haven’t you, I can still feel it, It didn’t work letting you take it!’ the woman’s face pales as the realisation hits her. ‘We’re both under its control!!’ Suddenly the world seems to slip sideways as Anna feels dizzy, feeling like she’s looking out of another’s eyes she sees the woman grasp the counter top as she too feels dizzy. Anna stands and watches as the woman walks to the shop door and locks it, turning the woman undoes the first 3 buttons of her blouse as she stands waiting. Anna’s hand slips to the top of her strapless dress, pulling the top down exposing more of her breasts as the other undoes the buttons from her waist down, she leans against the counter pushing one leg up and pressing her foot against the counter side the dress falls open exposing the whole of her thigh. Minutes pass as both women stand waiting for the two men to appear, Anna looks at the woman and hears her own voice ask ‘where are they, what sections back there?’ the woman smiles a deliciously wicked smile ‘the adult section’ is all she answers. Both women move as one walking down the aisle almost hunting the unsuspecting men, hearing low voices they ...