1. A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta Ch. 1

    Date: 5/6/2018, Categories: Fantasy , Non-Erotic, Romance, Author: auguy86, Source: sexstories.com

    Here we go! Chapter one of the sequel to "A Genius in King Arthur's Court" is here at last! For those of you who have not read this aforementioned story, I highly recommend you do so. Otherwise, you'll likely be completely lost. Also of note, the sexual content for this story will likely be about on par with the previous story. It's there when appropriate, but certainly not the focus, i.e. not a stroke story. I do have several chapters of this story written so far, so I plan to post them once a week, likely on Friday evenings or Saturday mornings, depending on the all-powerful moderators, of course. Stay tuned, and I hope you enjoy! A Sorcerer in Downtown Atlanta Ch. 1 - Busted Cindy Brighton clutched her backpack as she entered the parking lot of her brother's apartment complex. All the while, she fidgeted nervously, still worried about the upcoming physics quiz on Monday. Thankfully, her big brother was the teaching assistant of the class. If anyone could help her feel more comfortable with the material, it would be him. After adjusting her glasses and tying her long brown hair into a ponytail, she slid her key into the lock and opened the door to Dave's apartment. "Hey, Dave. Sorry I didn't text, but that quiz on Monday has just been festering in my mind all night, and I wanted to get a jump… oh!" "Uh… hey, Cindy." Cindy now stood openmouthed at the sight before her. Her brother was reclining on the sofa with a gorgeous redhead lying on his chest. Dave Brighton, known ... around campus as "Babbling Brighton," looked to have finally gotten lucky. Though both of them were clothed, the look in their eyes and the empty pizza box made the truth quite clear: they had spent the night together. "I… didn't realize you had company over. Who's this?" Cindy asked. "Oh, Maddie, this is Cindy, my sister. Cindy, this is Madeleine. She's… my girlfriend." Cindy's smile disappeared at this. " Girlfriend ? My nerdy, socially awkward brother who could never even talk to pretty girls suddenly has a girlfriend that he apparently spent the night with?" "Yeah, that's right," Dave laughed. "Bullshit! Where'd you meet her?" Maddie began, "Well, you see-" "Not to be rude, but I'd like to hear from my brother," Cindy cut her off. "I… met her around campus a couple of weeks ago. She's an exchange student from England, and-" "Dave, just stop. You really are a terrible liar," Cindy sighed. In addition to being a psychology major, she had known Dave her entire life. She knew all his tells when he was trying to hide something. "Why are you lying to me?" Dave took a deep breath and replied, "I traveled back in time to medieval Camelot, saved her life, and brought her home with me." Cindy recoiled a bit at hearing this. Her brother had said some harebrained things over the years, but this really took the cake. After a moment, the smartass grin slowly appearing on his face told her what she needed to know. "Dave, you are so full of shit," Cindy sighed, rolling her eyes. "Wouldn't be ...