1. A Cuckold By Choice. Chapter 2

    Date: 5/7/2018, Categories: Cuckold, Author: davedax97, Source: LushStories

    “What’s this?” I laughed. “Starting early?” “Hi darling,” my wife smiled. “We’re just celebrating breaking up for Christmas.” “So I see.” I smiled. “You smudged your lipstick.” At least she had the good grace to blush and Charlie got up to get a round in. “Charlie just wanted a word, darling,” she said hastily. “Katie,” I said quietly and took her hand, “you know I’m fine with what you’re doing, well, with what we’re doing, but please don’t lie to me, if you want to see Charlie, just say so, yeah?” Charlie returned then and placed our drinks down with an embarrassed grin. “Should I say sorry, mate?” “Yes,” I said leaving him in no doubt about my feelings. “I’ll tell you what I told Katie, we all know what we’re doing. Don’t spoil it mate, like it is we’ll enjoy it. The three of us know you’ll be fucking and I really do want you to enjoy it, just don’t cheat, okay?” “Okay,” he said and held out his hand. “Can I take her shopping?” I looked at Katie and she nodded. “You buying?” I asked and he smiled. “Of course.” “Go for it,” I said and finished my pint in one go. As I turned to leave I said with a smile, “Stay the night if you want, Katie.” Her smile was as wide as the road, she blew me a kiss and mouthed, “Thank you.” On the short walk home I asked myself why I’d said she could stay, I loved her and I know she loved me, that was beyond all doubt, but I also knew she was desperate to try a black lover. The idea of seeing her with a lover, especially a black one excited me ... even if it meant being without her occasionally. Yes, I was quite happy. Katie’s story. I spent a lovely afternoon with Charlie, my Charlie as I’d begun to think of him. He was good fun to be with as well as an absolute gentleman and of course I was really excited about having sex with him later that evening! He bought me lots and lots of really sexy lingerie that he said he liked and on the way back to his place he bought two bottles of champagne. “Only the very best for my lady, he laughed and I rewarded him with a very sexy kiss as he closed his front door behind us. He took me upstairs to show me his bedroom and also where to put my things and then left me to enjoy a hot shower. I stayed in the bathroom after my shower to put my makeup on and dress in the beautiful lingerie he’d bought for me. The stockings were fully fashioned fifteen denier with seams and I fastened them to a lacy little waspie. A quarter cup bra came next which I really loved, my hard nipples peeped out over the top of the lacy cups making me feel very racy and then a tiny little white thong, completely sheer, of course, and over that came a long, sheer nightgown. I felt like a queen. Slipping on a pair of high-heeled slippers I went down to meet my king. “Oh my God Katie!” he exclaimed. “You look absolutely gorgeous.” “Thank you.” I giggled nervously. “I wanted to look nice for you,” “Nice? you look fantastic.” I felt myself blushing under my makeup. “Go and have a shower, Charlie,” I said and added. ...