1. My Brazilian Adventure - Part 3

    Date: 5/7/2018, Categories: Bisexual, Author: nobulator, Source: LushStories

    " Bora la amigos! " I shouted as I bombed into the water. The pool in the garden was a bit shallower than I had bargained on, though my crash to the bottom of the pool wasn't as abrupt as it might have been. When I surfaced again, I heard Alex heckle to me, "Did you learn that in your travellers' phrase book?" He'd clearly been bemused by my attempts at ingratiating myself with my language skills. "Who the fuck says shit like that?” Whilst I was distracted by the heckles, Leandro launched his considerable frame into the pool as well. Even more water was sent crashing out of the small pool onto the surrounding grass. The water was pleasantly warm, as you'd expect with strong summer sunshine having been beating down on it for six hours already. I swam a few lengths of front crawl alongside Leandro to burn a bit of energy off before coming to rest by the side of the pool. I was suitably out-of-breath and needed a breather, which gave me a chance to shoot the breeze with him. "If you're here, who's looking over the churrasco ?" I asked Leandro. "Alex of course! He not a big fan of swimming, plus he's a better cook than me!" He replied. My small talk was never particularly good, and it wasn't going to be any good now either with Alex's comments about my escapades ringing in my ears. It didn't take long for me to cut to the chase. "Tell me, what exactly did you tell Alex about your visit to England?" "How do you mean?" Leandro replied, taken aback by the line of questioning. "He ... knows... he knows about some of the things we got up to..." Leandro looked blankly at me. "In the woods," I elaborated. "Errr..." "He told me not to think about sucking you off again." I continued. "Errr... yeh. Sorry." I could barely think of a response other than to glare sternly at him. "He had told me about some really hot sex he'd had with one of his cousins," he explained. "So I thought I'd tell him about the even hotter sex I had with my cousin!" "Do you know how embarrassing that was for me?" "Not nearly as embarrassing as my homophobic parents finding out about me having kissed a boy." He responded. He put me firmly back in my place. My petty concerns about someone 5,000 miles away from England knowing about my deep-throating someone in the woods were trivial compared to the harsh reality and uncomfortable contradictions of my cousin's family life. "Alex is just trying to wind you up, he loves having a joke!" "I guess," I muttered, conceding defeat on the point. "If you did want to suck me off again, I'm sure you could after you sucked him off!" Leandro retorted. "Fucking hell, I'm getting it in stereo now!" "Well, if we get drunk, who knows what might happen!" Leandro grinned. We both laughed, I shook my head barely believing where the conversation was going. Laura then appeared in her swimming costume, bearing three bottles of beer, one for me, Leandro and herself. With one of my eyes fixating on the nipples protruding through the costume, and the other concentrating ...