1. Breeding beauty ch 5: eBay auctions and do much more

    Date: 5/8/2018, Categories: True Story , Anal, Violence / Cruelty, Group Sex, Non-consensual sex, Pregnant, Rape, Wife / MILF, Author: mikey19341, Source: sexstories.com

    Breeding Beauty chp5 - Bidding frenzy, vodka enama and sloppy second's, third's and more.... So after realizing what Cory had done with the bidding I decided to give it a try myself. So I posted a add on EB for an antique wood frame. To make sure it would not be taken down I put a hot faceless picture of her in panties in the picture frame... Then I went on Craigslist and placed an add for wife breeding anonymously. As the emails flooded in I tried to screen them and the ones I thought would be serious I gave them the auction link. For days the 7 day auction to expire at 10PM on a Friday night over flowed my inbox....literally 100s of emails... At first I saw no bids but then with 2 days to go the bidding started at $100,,,$200,,,$300...$400.... Many questions and the most important one was "can I cum inside her?"...finally had to put in the post "cum inside her" in the listing details. The bidding ratcheted up to over $1000...by Thursday night... Then I started to get emails from guys asking if they could fuck her after the guy who won...they want to fuck her with another man's cum inside her...sloppy seconds... Humm I thought! Brilliant. I posted another auctions....antique frame 2nd edition..... To my surprise the bidding went bonkers on that auction in a matter of hours....both auctions were now well over $1000.... Humm....I posted 4 other auctions....antique frame 3rd edition....antique frame 4th edition....antique frame 5th edition...antique frame 6th edition.... The ... auctions quickly filled up... To an even bigger surprise the 6th edition surpassed the 1st edition....guys really wanted to fuck her all filled with cum I guess....the bidding was at $2353... As friday approached and over $10K total on all 6 actions...I had to make a plan...I can't have all these guys come to our house.. Humm a motel would be best so I found one out of the way and had a private entrance....the pickings were slim but I finally found one..an old divey motel and am owner thst rented cash, by the hour,,, no questions asked... But how would I get her there? Dinner and dancing and some magical drinks.. Friday came...she was dressed hot....put a little vodka in her wine.. put some zanex in her food.... We went to the club and started to dance,,,she was totally into it and I could see she was getting spaced out....blacked out... Then I grabbed a few shots and dared her down them....she slammed back 3 of them.... More dancing and she could barely stand....there were tons of single guys there and I let them cut in and dance with her... She had no clue they were even groping her..... 10PM came quickly.....we had to go....directed her to the car... On the ride home she passed out before we even left the parking lot... It was a nervous ride to the motel...parked in the back in the dark.. Rented the end unit room...literally carried her out of the car without anyone seeing me.... Plopped her on the bed and dressed her in some slutty bra and panties....however she mumbled ...