1. Part 4

    Date: 5/8/2018, Categories: True Story , Oral Sex / Blowjob, Consensual Sex, Cuckold, Author: theysayiamachuck, Source: sexstories.com

    Part 4 Jersey Joe We received Joe’s answer in the mail it had several pictures of him in various states of undress and two close ups of his cock .it slanted and curved up and had a huge helmet head which got Toni excited, she said she never seen one like that before .The letter had his contact info along with a phone number and a request to meet asap. She got so hot just looking at the pictures and reading his letter she just got on top of me started fucking me and saying how she was going to get a big head of a cock in her mouth and pussy. She went crazy and came in seconds collapsing right on top of me .I let her catch her breath my cock still deep inside her then rolled her over and started slowly fucking her rocking back and forth pulling almost all the way out and slowly as deep as I could it was driving her sensitive pussy wild she was moaning so loud asking if I really wanted to see her fuck him, did I want to see her white cream dripping down his shaft, hear her moan on a strangers cock??? I let her talk then I said you know you want to do this you like being my whore, you are my whore and you do what I tell you too, Right? She said I am your, I like to be a bad girl for you, I will do anything for you. Don’t I go to the store in a skirt without panties or bra and tease for you, I already have done a couple of friends we have tapes we watch them and she like how it turns me and her on ,can we just call him and try to set something up ? I told her we can call then we ... fucked like we were possessed till we both came. We called Joe both of us talked to him explained we were new to this but were ready to try it and told him that I would be present at all times and I would be filming for our collection and may join in at times .We also said this was a no strings attached maybe just one time but if we all like it maybe we can do it again. We agreed to meet in a few weeks at a local club if we did not hit it off after a few drinks we would just part as friends and Joe agreed to get a hotel room at a nearby hotel since he would need to spend the night either way it was too far to drive back and forth . Now with everything set up for our encounter we hung up and waited for our date. Over the next few weeks I took Toni out we bought a new outfit for her a sexy black and red teddy with crotch less panties she had the heels and then we went to the sex toy shop bought some more toys this time I bought her some anal toys too, anal beads, small dildos but plugs etc when we got home she was dying to try them all I told her we will just not all at one. I wanted her to get used to anal sex so that was way I wanted a little time to train her before our date every time we had sex I would use one of the anal toys on her and then finally I asked for anal sex she said I knew that’s why you bought all of these mind you she had been making me short videos daily using these toys in her ass too ,she just rolled over asked me to use some lube and go easy .I rubbed ...