1. Body Swap - Part 2

    Date: 5/8/2018, Categories: Fiction , Incest / Taboo, Masturbation / Toys, Teen, Written by women, Teen, Author: Rebecca Vaughn, Source: sexstories.com

    The sound of a garbage truck banging a dumpster pulled me from my sleep. Recognizing that I was still in my step-sister’s body, I grumbled. Shelby slept beside me. It was dark outside; we slept through the afternoon and half of the morning. In big, red letters, the clock on the nightstand declared that it was 4:30 in the morning. I turned on the nightstand lamp. I sat on the edge of the bed looked around the room. I studied the evidence that remained from our sexual act only hours before; the wadded cum rag on the floor; my pussy and thighs, which were sticky because of my squirting; the damp spot on the sheets; the fragrance of ejaculation in the air. Seeing the verification of our dirty encounter divided my mind. Partly, I felt disgusted, unable to shake the what-the-fuck-did-we-do mentality. Contrarily, I was also intrigued and even ready for more. The fascination of being in my sister’s body had still not left my mind. I stood in front of the mirror once more to admire the new body I had assumed. I treasured the C-cup breasts fastened to my chest and the hairless pussy that replaced my hairy cock. My smooth legs and flat stomach were remarkably attractive, in addition to my curvy butt and my hourglass hips. I had stared for several moments before I snapped out of my lustful trance. I walked back to the bed. Shelby lay on her side; her cock was soft for the first time I had seen her in my body. Also, I spent a few seconds admiring her body, the body I had ownership of ... until the night before. When I finished staring, I tapped Shelby on the shoulder, “wake up.” She opened her eyes and sat up. She groaned and rolled her eyes. I wasn’t sure why. She was either upset that she was still in my body or she was reminded of our naughty behavior from earlier. “You’re still me,” I said. “I noticed,” she replied. “Let’s take a shower,” I suggested. “Together?” she asked. “Why not?” I responded as she stood up. She followed me into the bathroom. Our shower was too small for two people to use at one time, but our bathtub was large enough to entertain both of us. It was oblong and shaped like an oval. As Shelby began to draw the warm water, she asked, “how are we going to fix this?” “I don’t know,” I answered. “It’s not like there’s a precedence for this.” She replied, “well, I hope we figure it out soon.” Without any warning, she walked to me and grabbed my pussy. The unexpected move surprised me and caused me to jolt backward. “I’m just checking something,” she said. I moved closer and let her touch me again. She ran her fingers above my pussy. “You need to shave,” she decided. I took my hand and examined myself. My pussy wasn’t as smooth as it was before; small bristles were beginning to grow. “Okay,” I agreed, “but I don’t know what I’m doing.” Shelby motioned me to sit on the side of the tub. I sat on the edge with my ass facing the water and my feet on the tile floor. She sprayed a handful of shaving cream onto her hand and then applied it to the skin ...