1. My son's friend made me cumm

    Date: 5/9/2018, Categories: Anal, Masturbation / Toys, Mature / Older, Author: Blondlady, Source: xHamster

    As i lay in bed next to my useless snoring husband i heard the boys, my son and his friend David come homeThey were a little noisy but not too bad considering they would have been drinking all evening. The bedroom door to our room was open and i saw my son, Mark walk past toward his room, followed shortly after by his friend David. David looked in at me as he went past. I could see his silhouette in the dark, he was taller than Mark, and a good looking boy with dark hair and a lovely physique.After a few moments a noise made me open my eyes again and I saw the same tall silhouette paused in the hallway outside our room. David waved in my directionI raised my free arm and waved back.Without a word David appeared to sink onto his hands and knees and crawl toward my husband and I.Oblivious to these events my useless husband snored on, unaware of the visitor in our roomAs his dark figure approached I whispered “Hello David, is everything okay”?“I’m feeling so horney” he saidThe smell of alcohol on his breath was more evident now,Before i could answer his lips were upon mine, his tongue exploring my desperate mouthMy tongue was instinctively in his wet mouth, reaching far inside in a desperate attempt to envelop him, the object of my sexual desire.In a minute my whole body was responding, from my breasts right down to my pussy which was already wet and further satisfied by my fingers which massaged my clitoris while we kissed.The room was very dark and i traced David’s arm with ... my hand finally finding his own hand which i squeezed with the intensity i was feelingThis was so dangerous i couldn't believe what we were doingDavid was fumbling with the bed linen. Knowing what he wanted i threw the bed sheets off myself to expose my short nightie. In the dark my heaving breasts and erect nipples stood out against the moonlight through the window.David reached out and squeezed my breasts as we continued to tongue one another, feeling my erect nipples. “Don’t stop” i whispered as he squeezed each nipple in turn. “Harder” i insisted, his fingers pressed each nipple firmly and i felt my pussy squirt and soak my pantiesMy pelvis undulating slowlyI let myself become immersed in the moment“Suck my cock” he whispered as he disengaged his lips and stood up directly in front of meHis cock was erect and looked huge in the darkness of the roomDavid held my head and pushed his cock into my mouth which i gladly accepted and suckedfor all i was worth,I didn’t want him to cum yet but he tasted so good I had to keep sucking him as he uttered“Oh fuck, fuck, fuck”,“Shit i need to fuck you so bad” he exclaimedHow on earth would we do that i wondered“Just cumm in my mouth” i whispered“No, you need a good fucking” he insistedHis hand reached down to my soaking panties, his first touch made me think I was going to orgasmA moan escaped my mouth as he immediately began to massage my cltoris.I was now holding his wrist tightly to guide his fingers over my pussy,“Fuck David, you’re ...