1. The Boat Show 2 - Cherie

    Date: 5/10/2018, Categories: Cheating, Author: goyse, Source: LushStories

    This is just one story in a series telling of my life with my now ex-wife Sue. I had travelled to the boat show and had met up with Marg. We spent the Saturday together and went out together for the night after Marg’s husband, Ian went off on a fishing trip with his friends. Marg had taken me by surprise by saying she wanted me to meet with her good friend, Cherie the next day suggesting that I may like to make love to her. I was accustomed to my wife, Sue who was an extremely jealous person and to have someone who showed no signs of jealousy whatsoever worried me. * Marg had talked to me previously about us leaving our spouses and going away together. I had initially been reluctant saying that our primary concern must be for our children. Soon after I realized that my marriage was never going to be worth saving and that my kids would always be safe with my wife, so I was now seriously considering taking Marg up on her offer. Now however Marg appeared to be treating our relationship with such a casual approach that I wondered if this would be a serious mistake. In the morning we went to the local botanical garden. To me it was about being somewhere quiet where we could talk and just enjoy each other’s company. Marg had suggested it so it was likely she was feeling similar. In the butterfly enclosure we spotted two butterflies making love. Marg pointed them out and named them Goyse and Marg. I asked her about Cherie. She told me that she loved Cherie like a sister and had ... known her ever since she had left the farm. There were no secrets between them. Cherie had been unlucky in love and had been with many men over the years but she had not been able to find anyone who could satisfy her sexually. After only a short time Cherie would always dump the latest lover and move on. It seemed that Cherie had been in love only once when she was younger but her father had intervened and told the guy to stay away or else. Marg did not seem to know what ‘or else’ meant but because they had worked together up north and because Cherie’s dad was his boss the insinuation was that it would impact on his employment. We left the gardens hand in hand around 11:30 to meet up with Cherie who had worked the morning shift. As we left an elderly lady commented no how lovely it was to see lovers who were so close and cared about each other enough to walk hand in hand in public. “My late husband and I were very close for many years. He usually held my hand in public and always showed his affection but I lost him last year,” she said. “Oh, I’m sorry to hear that,” I replied. “What happened to him?” Expecting it would either be a heart failure or cancer. “A younger woman,” was the reply. “I bought her into my home to help with cleaning because she couldn’t find a job and I felt sorry for her. She seduced my husband and then they left together. The kids and I haven’t heard from either of them since. She left a wonderful husband and three delightful children. She had everything ...