1. After the Reunion, Ch 2-B

    Date: 5/11/2018, Categories: Wife / MILF, Author: robertl, Source: LushStories

    Ethan and I finally heard a door opening down the hall. Our seats were in the living room where we couldn’t see the length of the hall. A few seconds later, our two women entered in front of us and Kayla dimmed the lights on their way. Both women were wearing a full-length bathrobe but they’d definitely both added makeup, red lipstick, and some jewelry, earrings, and a bracelet. Kayla spoke into what looked like an air freshener cannister, using it as a mock microphone, “And now, ladies and gentlemen, in an example of her new daytime attire, I present to you… the very beautiful and sexy Adriana Jeppeson!” My wife dropped her robe and stood in front of Ethan and me, wearing a short, VERY short, red leather skirt, probably fifteen inches from top to bottom and an extremely sheer lighter red blouse covering a lacy, dark red bra. She did a little turn-around and the sheer blouse highlighted the bare skin underneath, everywhere except under her bra, then flicked her skirt up the side of her leg, giving us a brief vision of the frilly red panties wrapping around her thigh! My cock received an immediate rush of blood, probably tripling in size within only a few seconds. I tore my gaze away for a brief glance toward Ethan’s groin and noticed him having the same problem, a tent already forming in his slacks. It was hard to believe this ravishing beauty was the same dowdy creature that had walked down the hall a few minutes earlier! This was probably the first time that Ethan had ... seen how beautiful and sexy my wife can be when she truly made an effort. I heard Ethan, a few feet away from me say, “Wow!” I glanced at him again and his eyes were literally bugging out of his head! Addie’s sheer blouse showed off her flat stomach and the way her skirt rode low on her hips, it only accentuated her feminine figure. Then it was Kayla’s turn and I was holding my breath, wondering what was hiding under her bathrobe. She handed the “microphone” over to my wife, who said, “And now, for your drooling pleasure…” I briefly wondered when I had ever mentioned to Adriana that I had been known to drool over Kayla? “the beautiful Kayla Frost!” Kayla dropped the robe and stood before us in a purple, satiny mini-dress coming down to about halfway between her thigh and knees. It wasn’t see-through like Addie’s blouse, but it clung to every curve, clearly showing that there wasn’t anything but dress covering her breasts. Like I’d said earlier, Kayla’s breasts were a little on the small side, but that didn’t make them any less sexy, especially when this well outlined. When Kayla did her turn-around, she stopped sideways to us and lifted her dress like Addie had done, showing us…nothing but bare hip! God, those long legs were incredible! And realizing that she didn’t have a thing on except dress at the apex of those sexy legs about drove me crazy! Kayla asked her husband if he’d please fix them another drink. While we were waiting, Addie sat on my lap and kissed me. God, she ...